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2016 Tony Teixieira - Best Baby Bird . Back to top
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Gongratulations to Tony Teixeira from Klerksdorp on having the best baby in their Young Bird series .Four clubs and 18 teams competed . ZA 15/06911 the champion youngster is a linebred Blou Bul bred by Ferdie Coetzer .

2016 Best birds in Pretoria Combine . Back to top
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Have a look at the champion pigeons in the strong Pretoria Combine .Champion fancier Alwyn Bester features prominantly.

2015 Adri Straus - Best Bird Back to top
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Gongratulations to Adri Straus from Vredendal on breeding the best bird on federation level ZA 14/4028.This blue bar cock was a late bred and flew as follow :Hopetown 582km 2nd club 2nd Fed ,De Aar 536km 2nd club 2nd Fed , Hopetown 5th club 16th Fed and De Aar 1st club 17th Fed.He was bred out of a Blou Bul cock 14/19838 from Ferdie Coetzer and a Clausing hen 08/1224 from Tersia Engelbrecht .This ones again underlines the fact that the Blou Bul family can improve your family .

2015 Du Preez & Deetlefs Combine Pta Champions again!! Back to top
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The partnership of Du Preez & Deetlefs was at it again by winning the Pta combine averages for the 4th consecutive year! This is a remarkable achievement considering the strong competition they fly against. On auction we have 4 top birds from this champion loft not to be missed!! A very well done to them!!
2015 Alwyn Bester's 'Concorde' best bird PTA combine 20 Back to top
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Children of super breeding hen 'Golden TT' excelled in the PTA combine again this year. Mated to two different cocks she bred the goods. The 'Concorde' was best short distance, Old bird and overall best bird PTA combine 2015. Another two daughters were amongst the top 10 best short distance and young birds in the combine. Another daughter 9959/13 landed with the 'Concorde' when he won the union. Another son of ‘Golden TT’ named 'The Mirage' bred two super racers for J&M King in 2015 in his very first year at stock.

2015 Winners Flight Loft 2015 Back to top
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Ferdie Coetzers family of pigeons once again performed at Winners Flight Loft .Blue bar cock ZA 15/06939 was crowned 3rd ace pigeon and placed 9th hot spot 4 , 17th hot spot 1 and 10th Gold Cup .His sister ZA 15/06930 placed 13th main event .These birds were bred out of the Coetzer / Oerlemans ace bird line crossed with Johann Grobbelaar super Clausings .

2015 Champion - Pretoria Combine Middle Distance Averag Back to top
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Congratulations to Fanie Burgers on winning the Pretoria Combine Middle Distance Averages .He secured the title with a Combine win from Colesburg.Du Preez & Deetlefs and J & M King ended 2nd and 3rd respectively .

2015 M&L Schmidt - Superbreeder Back to top
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Monty and Lienkie Schmidt are the proud owners of 10/1047 . This Spritzy / Lou Wouter cock has bred numerous winners.His daughter won the Yearling National in the super strong Crusaders club .The past weekend she also won the Crusaders R5000 rings first prize R63000 .She also placed 2nd in the prestigeous 'bakkie race ' .Gongratulations to Monty and IP .

2015 Yearling National Champions - Crusaders Back to top
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Gongratulations to IP du Preez and Monty Schmidt on winning the Yearling National from Trompsburg .This is their 1st win in the super strong Crusaders club .The winner is a grandchild of Ferdie Coetzer's TRPF 02/2300 .

2015 Alwyn Bester Lofts Back to top
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Alwyn Bester is a pigeon fancier who invest a lot of money in aquiring the very best racing pigeons . He paid a whopping R110000 for Mugabe on Johan and Mark King's sale.His efforts to achieve in pigeon racing is showing clearly in his racing results .He has the best short distance pigeon in the Pretoria Combine .Alwyn decided to DNA verify his whole stock loft .This is a first in South Africa and is surely going to ensure that a buyer gets what he paid for . Fanciers can look forward on buying DNA certified pigeons from the champion loft of Alwyn Bester on Exclusive Pigeons only .When asked what his recipe for success is he indicated that he believe in doing things right .Exclusive Pigeons would like to gongratulate Alwyn on this progressive action .

2015 Pre Bidding open on Willem van Zyl Auction Back to top
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The pre-bidding on Willem van Zyl Auction started. The highest bid on closing day of Pre-Bidding will be used as opening bid on the day of the Auction 10 August 2015.
2015 Ferdie Coetzer - Production Auction Back to top
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This bpd hen is something very special .Her sire is a Blou Bul and dam a Lou Wouter .This is a combination that brought fame to great champions like Schmidt & Bouwer and Louis Vermeulen etc .

2015 Ferdie Coetzer - Production Auction Back to top
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This BB cock is a super pigeon.He is bred halfbrother x halfsister back to my mega champion BE 07/6066487 Van Elsacker hen. Only one available .

2015 Ferdie Coetzer - Production Auction Back to top
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Featuring ZA 15/06986 and ZA 15/06987 .

2015 Ferdie Coetzer - Production Auction Back to top
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ZA 15/06844 is a direct son of TRPF 02/2300 .He is very special and a family can be build around him.

2015 Ferdie Coetzer - Production Auction Back to top
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ZA 15/06908 is bred halfbrother x halfsister back to 05/5005 granddaughter to Blou Bul.

2015 Ferdie Coetzer - Production Auction Back to top
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This beautifull cock is a combination of the best Spritzy's and the champion 'bakkie winner' line of Coetzer & Oerlemans.

2015 Ferdie Coetzer - Production Auction Back to top
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ZA 15/06997 and ZA 15/06998 are 2 of the most perfect babies i have ever bred .This pair will become a champion mating.

2015 Ferdie Coetzer - Production Auction Back to top
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ZA 15/06887 is a Spritzy of epic proportions .This hen is perfect in every way .She is highly recommended.Have a look at her pedigree.

2015 Ferdie Coetzer - Production Auction Back to top
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This auction will be from the 20th July on the Exclusive Pigeons website.Today the feature pigeon is a lovely linebred Blou Bul hen who will be on sale on the auction.

2015 Ferdie Coetzer - Production Auction Back to top
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ZA 15/06990 is a perfect example of my efforts to better my pigeons.She is bred halfbrother x halfsister back to the great TRPF 02/2300 .Fantastic hen.

2015 PWDF Short Distance Champion Back to top
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Louis & Trudie Gindra is the 2015 PWDF Short Distance Champions .They are members of the Suiderberg club and this is the 3rd time they have won the Short Distance Averages . Gongratulations !

2015 Gold Medal Short Distance Pigeon PTA Combine Back to top
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Alwyn Bester's pigeon ZA 13/09981 is the best short distance pigeon in the PTA Combine .This magnificent athlete flew 18th Combine Winburg 4 ,3rd Combine Bloemfontein 2 ,3rd Combine Dewetsdorp 2 and 6th Combine Dewetsdorp 4 .ZA 13/09981 also won the Combine in 2014 on Dewetsdorp as well as the TRPF Combine .The dam to 13/09981 ZA 07/7336 children ended 1st ,4th and 8th in the Combine points . She is truely a remarkable breeder.

2015 Du Preez & Deetlefs PWDC Short Distance Champions Back to top
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Well done to John Du Preez and Banie Deetlefs on winning the PWDC Short Distance Averages . They are mega stars in pigeon racing and continue to set new standards.
2015 Ferdie Coetzer - Production Auction Back to top
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Today we look at 2 inbred 'Chipo ' babies . A brother to them TRPF 14/25688 won Winburg 1 st club 5th TRPF and 2 weeks later flew 2nd club 9th TRPF for current TRPF champions NJ Grobbelaar en Seun.These are super exclusive pigeons.Rob Watson has got a baby out of the same pair that is flying excellent.

2015 TRPF Single Bird Short Distance Champion Back to top
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Congratulations to NJ Grobbelaar en Seun on winning the TRPF single bird short distance averages . Mc Dermott Lofts ended in 2nd place . Johan and Cedric are obviously happy about it.

2015 Ferdie Coetzer - Auction - Signature Pigeon Back to top
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As of today i will feature some of the pigeons that will be on my pruduction auction.Please contact Ferdie Coetzer on 0827368742 for more information.Part 1 on the sale will be 15/06904 BPD Cock.

2015 Ferdie Coetzer - Production Auction Back to top
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This auction will be from the 20 th of July on the Exclusive Pigeons website . I take great pride in my pigeon family and i am always looking to improve them.This is easier said than done because to find the right pigeons to take you to the next level requires a clearly defined strategy and game plan.To better your pigeons you have to find super champions and then try to buy them .For me performance is very important in selection and the pigeon i am buying must have the ability to reproduce champions.During the past 3 years i have found 2 exceptional hens that i brought into my family namely BE 07/6066487 Ref. D on Johan and Mark King's sale and ZA CAS 07/2289 Blue Queen dr. Gavin Rous nr. 1 stock hen.These 2 super champions fitted perfectly in my strategy to improve my pigeons.I am happy to inform you that the results are excellent , even better than expected . I am satified that i have taken my pigeons to the next level. A total of 50 specially bred youngsters will be on sale , they are bred for stock purposes.

2015 Willem Van Zyl Dispersal Sale 10 August 2015 Back to top
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10 August 2015 (Public Holiday) Viewing 9:30 Auction starts 11h00 Alberton Pigeon Racing Club 10 Fick Street



All serious pigeon fanciers should diarise Monday 10 August 2015 (a public holiday). 11h00 at the Alberton Homing Society will see the start of what I consider to be one of the best auctions of racing pigeons in the RSA for many years.

Ek verwys na die uitverkoping van die kampioenhok duiwe van Willem van Zyl van Centurion. Willem is die huidige 2014 Unie- en GRPA Combine kampioen.

Having been 8 times Club champion, 3 times Union Long distance champion, 3 times Union Middle distance champion, best bird PSPU and GRPA 3 years running and having the SANPO Gold (Long distance) and Silver (All round) pigeon in the RSA in 2013, the highlight of his career remains the 2014 season when he won the Union- and GRPA young bird, open bird and all round points of both organisations.

Hierdie is sleg ‘n kort opsomming van ‘n veel langer lys van prestasies wat hierdie duiweboer sedert sy beginjare opgestapel het.

So impressive were the results of this Advocate of profession that the writer approached him in 2014 with a request to breed a round of youngsters from the same basis of pigeons which resulted in me and my father’s successful sale in 2013.

Ek verwys hier natuurlik na die Twilight/Powell/Turbo Tom duiwe wat hulle oorsprong het in die genetiese materiaal van die duiwe van Dickey Pretorius, Charl Stander, Barnie Deetlefs, en soos Willem dit akkuraat stel: “…en ‘n splash van duiwe van Roland Bouwer en Johan Schmidt, net om die jets behoorlik oop te maak.”

In 2014 this family of pigeons destroyed all competition, in the process winning 29 Club races, 14 Union races and 6 GRPA Combines.

Willem van Zyl self aan die woord: “Ek is ‘n no-nonsense duiweboer. Ek stel nie belang in onpraktiese en fabelagtige teorieë nie. Duiwesport is ‘n praktiese sport, en slegs dit wat in die praktyk werk het ek ooit in belang gestel. Eerlikheid, geen sentiment en ‘n swart munisipale asblik was die beste vriende wat ek nog ooit in die duiwesport gehad het.”

In discussions with Willem the writer realised that he was extremely focused on beating the odds (not a really good loft position), having more good pigeons than the accepted 10% average and having a loft where not only 1 or 2 pigeons accumulate the points…they must all fly!

‘n Studie van die verkoopkatalogus laat enige ernstige duiweboer kwyl van lekkerte. Nie net is daar 56 duiwe op die veiling wat reeds gewen en/of wenners geteel het. Dit is met absolute trots dat Willem 31 duiwe op hierdie veiling aanbied wat meer as een maal kon wen en/of reeds meer as een wenner kon teel.

The writer had the privilege to handle most of the stock birds, and can vouch for their quality. After a study of the pedigrees one realises that this is truly a family of pigeons. Reference A in the catalogue is, for example, represented in 84% of the pigeons at sale.

‘n 5 x wenner, 4 x Uniewenner, die SANPO wenner en ‘n spul 3 x wenners word onder andere verkoop. So ook ‘n hen wat 2 jaar in ‘n ry die beste duif in die GRPA geteel het..by verskillende mannetjies! Dit onderskryf die kwaliteit van hierdie hok duiwe, en is die hoofrede waarom ek almal uitnooi om hierdie unieke geleentheid te benut. Julle sal nie spyt wees nie!

See you there!


2015 ANDRE CARELSEN Begrafnis Back to top
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Andre Carelsen begrafnis is gereel vir Dinsdag 2 Junie. Die teraardestelling is 10:00 by Pta Oos begrafplaas en die gedenkdiens 11:30 by Moeregloed NG Kerk op die hoek van Laseandralaan en Ben Swartstraat.

Andre Carelsen begrafnis is gereel vir Dinsdag 2 Junie. Die teraardestelling is 10:00 by Pta Oos begrafplaas

en die gedenkdiens 11:30 by Moeregloed NG Kerk op die hoek van Laseandralaan en Ben Swartstraat.

2015 Veiling : Andre en Alta Griessel Back to top
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16 Mei 2015 Plek : Aanhuis van Liefie van Eeden Van Duuren str, Hoewe 6 Besigtiging : 9h00-11h00 Veiling : 11h15 The Catalogues are diplayed under SALES CATALOGUES on site

2015 Cas Mathee Auction - 1 May 2015 Back to top
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Friday 1May2015 Alberton Homing Society, 10 Fick street, Florentia, Alberton Viewing 9h00 Auction starts 11h00 For any enquiries contact Cas Mathee 083 377 8280

2015 C.Carlson Jnr Auction - Accolade Back to top
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Dit is jammer om te verneem dat Charles Carlson Jnr weens besigheidsredes die duiwe sport moet staak. Behalwe dat die Duiwesport ‘n goeie lid verloor, is dit hartseer dat sy duiwe-stoet wat op ‘n hoogtepunt rondom sy ‘click’ pare gesekteer  is, opgebreek moet word en oor die land verkoop gaan word.  Voornemende kopers gaan natuurlik hieruit baat vind – Charles Carlson Jnr se naam is in die Federasie uitslae tussen die groot name. In ‘n tydperk van twee jaar vlieg hy voor en wen hy reeds die Klub en Divisie punte en ook in die Federasie klok hy voor.


As ek Charles se passie vir duiwe moet beskryf, het ek nog nooit iemand ontmoet wat so ‘determined’ is om kwalitiet duiwe te bekom nie. Hy het aangehou en gedreig om in my duiwehok te slaap of in my tuin tent op te slaan en ek kon eenvoudig nie weier toe Charles die room van my ‘Spritzy’s en Clausings kom koop het nie. Ek het die prys buitensporig hoog gemaak dan koop hy in elk geval. Die room van my ‘Click’ pare het sy basis stoet geword. Die verwysingsduiwe in die katalogus het my hok gebou waarmee ek voor vlieg in die TRPF/ THU! Hul nageslag is net so goed – die Clausings en ‘Spritzy’s is uitstekende kruismateriaal!


Charles het op ‘Click’ matings gefokus omdat dit ‘n kortpad na sukses in die duiwesport is – erfdwang is altyd sterker in die nageslag van ‘n ‘Click’ paar. Die Clausing/ Houbens is dieselfde familie wat oor die wereld heen presteer en groot geldpryse wen – Johann Grobbelaar is met die Clausings/ Houbens een van die TRPF se grootste kampioene.

Om al die name wat met die ‘Spritzy’ familie sukses behaal soos Johan Schmidt,Roland Bouwer, Walter Dinwoodie, Ferdie Coetzer/ Oerlemans ens op te noem sal ‘n boek vol skryf. Ek kan enige koper verseker jy sal nie ‘n fout maak om op die veiling te koop nie – dis die beste duiwe genetika in Suid-Afrika!                          Corrie Naude & Son (TRPF)



Ek wil net in ‘n paar woorde noem dat ek 28 vlugte in drie jaar met ‘Spritzy’ duiwe in Gauteng gewen het. ‘Spritzy was in my besit- sy is een van die grootste Kampioen teel-duiwe wat daar in Suid-Afrika was. Ek wen tussen 4-6 vlugte per jaar met hulle in Montagu (19) Klublede en 100 lede in die Wynland Unie. Hul presteer in enige vlugtoestande – ook harde weer! Ek kry by Corrie ‘n klompie babas om mee te vlieg, drie wen elkeen vir my die Wynland Unie. Ek teel ‘n dubbel unie wenner uit hul en duiwe wat in Allflight en die Miljoen-Dollar Wedvlug en Sentrale Provinsiale hok presteer. Van die beste duiwe in die Federated Board en ook op die trok is ‘Spritzy’ verwante duiwe. Ek het Charles se hok self besoek en die gehalte van sy duiwe is op dieselfde standard van die oorspronklike Spritzy’s en Clausings.        Andre Mills (Wynland-Unie)


2015 Willem van Zyl total dispersal auction 10 Aug (Pub Back to top
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The current PSPU and GRPA combine champion will have an auction on Monday 10 August (Public Holiday) at Alberton club. Pre bidding commence 3 weeks prior to the auction at Exclusive pigeons. An article will follow regarding this champion fancier and his family of pigeons. Short summary : - 2014 Kampioen Centurionklub, PSPU en GRPA - afgelope 5 jaar Klubkampioen - Vorige 3 jaar 2 keer 2e en 1 keer 3e PSPU - laaste 3 jaar reeds beste duif in PSPU en GRPA - In PSPU beste 2 duiwe nl 33344 en 31119 - In GRPA 33344 was ook die beste duif met 2 Combine wenne, insluitend die GRPA Bakkierace - In 2013 42450 Sanpo Goud Langpad (Silwer Algheel) - 42450 en 33344 het dieselfde ma ZA 2007 27030 (self n 3 x wenner) - Veiling van alle duiwe (behalwe 40 jonges teruggehou vir toekomstige broeiduiwe) op Maandag 10 Aug 2015 - Rede: Aanbouings en argitek wat aandui gedeelte van hok voldoen nie aan bouregulasies nie - Geen duiwe sal uit hand verkoop word nie

2015 Dispersal Racing Pigeon Auction Charles Carlson jn Back to top
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Dispersal Racing Pigeon Auction

Charles Carlson Jnr

A once in a lifetime opportunity!  Selected Racing Pigeons from today front flying genetics in the TRPF/ THU


Monday - 27th April, 2015

Alberton Homing Society                                               Auction Times                                                   10 Fick St,                                                                                    Viewing: 08h30                                                                            Auction Starts:

Florentia (Alberton)                                                                    10h30



Catalogue:                                                                          Online Bidding:

David Belcher (011) 493-5698                           www.exclusivepigeons.co.za                        

Cell 083 981 6240                                          Ferdie Coetzer Cell: 082 736 8742

Auctioneer:                                                                             Seller:

Pine Pienaar    Cell: 082 861 5593            C Carlson Jnr Cell: 083 555 6476


Refreshments & Cash Bar Available – bring the Family along!


Proven Breeders, Winners incl.2014/15 youngsters from selected pairs on Sale! Champion Spritsy (Blondie) /the famous Grizzle Family (W Dinwoodie, A Morey) Ziko / Bumpkin -the cream from Corrie Naude Clausings,  De Ceuninck etc! Nothing is held back!


2015 Jaco de Beer Auction Back to top
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4 x Union Champion Auction of Only Racing Team 17 Januarie 2015 POTCHEFSTROOM POSDUIF KLUB Viewing starts : 09h00 Auction starts : 11h00
2014 Danie Hatting - Koopman and Van Loon Pigeons Back to top
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Birds currently on auction

2014 BARTLO OERLEMANS - VNRF Champion Back to top
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Bartlo is based on a farm near Polokwane and is a highly successful pigeon fancier . He has won the VNRF averages 3 times , produced 4 best birds on federation level ,won the bakkie race in 2008 and 2009 and bred ace bird Dinokeng (Marissa) as well as ace bird SAPIR (Something Splendid) .

Apart from his local success he has a great one loft racing record. In the first year at Dinokeng his bird Marissa placed 7th main event and crowned ace bird . She was sold for R48500.During 2013 his bird Spikkels placed 6th main event and 2nd grand averages .In 2012 his pigeon Seven Eleven led the grand averages up until the main event. At SAPIR Lofts he placed 13 main event in the opening year and 4th with his bird Celeste. He has won various hot spots but the standout one was during 2014 when his bird Foetmans won a SAPIR hot spot by 20 minutes.

Bartlo built a super family of pigeons and it all started with his super cock 01/1280.After this cock won a race by 17 minutes he was put to stock and is known as the ‘ Bont Cock ‘. He was bred half brother to half sister back to the Blou Bul. This cock strike rate was abnormal high but his offspring produced even better pigeons.


SIRE to 2 Bakkie winners


Daughter to 1280 - Best bird in FED



The Bont Cock is sire to 07/1723 bakkie winner in 2008 and 08/01909 bakkie winner in 2009 . However the best he has ever produced is 07/1724. This blue bar cock is even a better breeder than 01/1280 .He is a nestmate to 07/1723 and sire of 2 ace birds at Dinokeng and SAPIR . Bartlo mated him with various hens and the result was super racers that can reproduce winners.

Sire ace Bird Dinokeng and SAPIR



Bakkie Winner 2008


Bakkie winner 2009



BEST bird in VNRF, 2x winner


Exclusive pigeons now for the first time auction 12 babies especially bred for stock by Bartlo Oerlemans.


View more details  
We would like to thank all roleplayers involved for helping to secure our beloved sport. Exclusive Pigeons would especially like to single out Nico Dreyer and Willem van Zyl in this regard. Nico has always been a trusted friend of ours and we cannot under estimate the impact he has behind the scenes.

23 OCTOBER 2014

The Department of Environmental Affairs has had representation regarding the
listing of the feral pigeon as a Category 3 invasive species, in terms of
the Alien and Invasive Species Regulations, 2014, in terms of the National
Environmental Management: Biodiversity Act, 2004 (Act 10 of 2004).

The feral pigeon is an invasive and its inclusion on the list of invasive
species is deemed appropriate by the department. The pigeon which is
commonly used in pigeon racing, is the same listed species.

The department has engaged with specialists, and have reached an agreement
that the activities of the pigeon racing fraternity will have no significant
impact on the invasion by the feral pigeon.  The numbers are reasonably low
in relation to the existing invasions, that it is possible to provide
exemption for the racing pigeon activities.  These will be discussed with
the relevant associations.

The department has also engaged with the National Society for the Prevention
of Cruelty to Animals (NSPCA), who have raised concerns about possible
cruelty relating to pigeon racing.  The Regulations will not be enforced
against pigeon racing and associated activities, until the Regulations are
amended, following engagements with the industry associations.

For media queries contact:
Zolile Nqayi on 082 898 6483


In a recent landmark case in America a gentleman by the name of Rick Mardis took on that despicable organisation called PETA and WON - he proved beyond all reasonable doubt that pigeon fanciers from around the world take extremely good care of their feathered friends and the cruelty factor PETA used to try and stop all racing was kicked out of court and a severe and rather embarrassing kick to the rear of PETA was given by the legal system - Should you be concerned that it will effect pigeon racing in your country - contact the American Union for Pigeon Racing in the US - I am sure they will be most happy to help you get in contact with the appropriate people - the NSPCA is nothing more than PETA in disguise - they seem to have forgotten that birds migrate to South Africa from around the world - they breed, they range - they become feral - they die - is the NSPCA going to get them sorted as well I wish them luck


2014 NJ & JB Grobbelaar newly crowned TRPF champions Back to top
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The partnership of Johann Grobbelaar and his father were crowned champions in the strong TRPF with their well known Houben x Clausing family. They had a spectacular season and were deserved winners. They also had the two best birds Fed and 5 in the top 12. Remarkable to say the least. On auction you will find some of the family of birds that made them champions.
































































































































































































































































Pigeon ID









TRPF  12 22384









TRPF  13 3370









TRPF  13 8286









TRPF  12 23233









TRPF  12 10806









TRPF  12 12063









TRPF  12 19498









TRPF  11 668









TRPF  12 23318









TRPF  12 22393









 TRPF 12 23217









TRPF  12 11943








2014 PTA combine champions Back to top
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Banie Deetlefs & John du Preez has been crowned PTA combine (union & fed)champions for a record third year in a row ! A great achievement against top competitors. 2nd Dean Jooste 3rd Michael Burger 4th Johan & Mark King 5th HJ Cronje 6th Die Britsse 7th Pretorius Terblanche 8th Chris Swanepoel 9th Jaques & gesin 10th Triple J lofts. All bird averages also won by John & Banie 2nd Michael Burger 3rd Dean Jooste 4th H de Jager 5th J&M King.
2014 PTA combine middle and long distance Back to top
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Du Preez & Deetlefs won the middle distance averages in the combine by beating J&M King by 8 points. 3rd C Swanepoel 4th HJ Cronje 5th Len & Grobbie. The long distance was won convincingly by Michael Burger 2nd John & Banie 3rd Die Britsse 4th D Jooste 5th Triple J lofts.
2014 PTA combine Nomination champion Back to top
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The combine has a competition similar to the one in Belgium where 3 birds are nominated for a points championship. This is not easy as the fancier needs to know which are his birds on form. Winners here are Du Preez & Deetlefs 2nd J&M King 3rd Dean Jooste 4th Triple J lofts 5th Jacques & gesin 6th J Bosch 7th P&P Maas 8th Betting trio 9th Pretorius Terblanche 10th Koos Jonck.
2014 Best birds PTA combine Back to top
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The best birds PTA combine :short distance belonged to P&P Maas 21261/12. Best middle distance pigeon 17555/12 Prof Herman de Jager and best long distance bird 32262/13 Michael Burger ex GRPA champion. Allround winner 17555/12 Herman de Jager (also 2nd short distance). Best yearling 00542/13 P&P Maas and best open bird 17555/12 Prof Herman de Jager. Well done !
2014 PTA Fed and union champions 2014 Back to top
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Congratulations to Du Preez & Deetlefs who once again was crowned PTA union champions for 2014. Die Britsse won the federation championship for the first time in their career. Well done guys !
2014 Blue Queen nr. 1 stock hen dr. G Rous bought by Fe Back to top
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Ferdie Coetzer recently bought ‘ Blue Queen ‘ZA CAS 2289 .She was dr. Gavin Rous nr. 1 Stock hen. Her sire SA GRPA 00/6941 is an inbred Blou Bul cock and a legendary breeder.He bred multiple winners and only birds back on the day. Mated to ‘Queen Bee ‘ he produced his best daughter ever.



Blue Queen – ZA CAS 2289/07


Blue Queen produced champions like:

Miss ’ Consistant ’ SA 45311/09 winner

SA 10/43826 – 2X winner

Sweetie – SA11/43423

‘ Purple Eyed Cock ‘ superbreeder  SA 10/43601


SA 13/16323

Superbreeder Blou Bul Cock


If you study the pedigree of this cock he is a genetic wonder out of the original Spritzy pair. He is a thoroughbred in every sense of the word.

His grandson placed 2nd for dr. G Rous SCMDPR , his granddaughter was the the SANPO gold medal bird in the category best bird.

His son D881 bred Jaco Aucamp a only bird back on the day (10/24855) 800km and her brother 07/11878 won the combine on Cradock (805) for Jaco Aucamp.


Two of his grandsons placed top 10 Dinokeng for Eddie Reynders and Gustav Umberti.

He produced a union as well as a combine winner in one nest for Ferdie Coetzer.



Truly a legend.              Currently on Auction a perfect granddaughter for sale.

2014 Ferdie Coetzer & Bartlo Oerlemans Blou Bul Back to top
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Ferdie Coetzer and Bartlo Oerlemans Blou Bul ( ACE AND BAKKIE WINNER LINE)








Direct son out of 01/1280 mated to 03/2317.

Breeder of Ace bird SAPIR

Breeder of Ace bird Dinokeng

Sire to Spikkels 6th place Dinokeng and Celeste 4th place SAPIR.


Bakkie winner 2008 – Blou Bul hen , daughter 01/1280







07/1723 Won the bakkie over 3 races 400 , 500 ,and 600km. Her nestmate 07/1724 landed in 2 of the3 races together


Bakkie winner 2009 – Daughter 01/1280 ( Blou BUL)







This hen also won the bakkie race over 3 races. She is a top breeder.


Currently on auction is a super Blou Bul hen out of these Ace birds. She will be a champion breeder. (12/19680 )

Sire to 12/19680.


Full brother to Ace bird Marissa Dinokeng and brother to Ace bird SAPIR Something splendid.


Mother to Blou Bul hen on sale (12/19680)

Daughter to Superbreeder 01/1280.






Sister to 01/1280 Halfbrother/halfsister Blou Bul. Sire to 2 bakkie winners.

Sister to 08/02095 breeder of winners.

Sire to 07/1724 breeder of Aces and super one loft performers.

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Congratulations to Johann Grobbelaar for winning the TRPF Young Bird Averages for the second consecutive year. Grobbelaar is having a great season with his Houben/Clausing based pigeons. In the 30 races so far this season, he has won 22 club races, and also managed to win 3 TRPF/PTA Combine races, incl taking the 1st 4 positions in the combine race from Smithfield. A Brief look at the TRPF averages after 30 races: Short distance Averages: 1. NJ Grobbelaar en seun 1063 2. AP Morey 1007 3. C Kerekes 940 4. Schmidt & Bouwer 866 5. Koos en Formyn de Kok 784 Middle distance Averages: 1. NJ Grobbelaar en seun 889 2. AP Morey 827 3. Boshoff Family 823 4. JJ en DP De Beer 760 5. Mcdermott Lofts 687 Long distance Averages: 1. AP Morey 729 2. NJ Grobbelaar en seun 689 3. Schmidt & Bouwer 675 4. C Kerekes 653 5. Gys Louw 624 Young Bird averages: 1. NJ Grobbelaar en seun 880 2. AP Morey 758 3. C Kerekes 752 4. Schmidt & Bouwer 672 5. Gys Louw 685 Overall averages: 1. NJ Grobbelaar en seun 2641 2. AP Morey 2563 3. C Kerekes 2280 4. Schmidt & Bouwer 2246 5. Gys Louw 2022 6. Boshoff Family 1847 7. JJ en DP De Beer 1815 8. Koos en Formyn de Kok 1762 Best bird average: 1. NJ Grobbelaar en seun ZA TRPF 22384/12 604 2. NJ Grobbelaar en seun ZA TRPF 668/11 422 3. NJ Grobbelaar en seun ZA TRPF 03370/13 419 4. S & B Wedderburn ZA TRPF 19498/12 414 5. Fareed Katrhada ZA TRPF 08286/13 406
2014 Willie Munnik - Auction of top birds Back to top
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Currently on Exclusive Pigeons Willie is selling some of his top birds. In total 7 birds are going on auction.Details of breeding performances will be made available in this article. Willie Munnik is a well known and respected pigeon fancier who has done more than his share on all levels of the pigeon sport. He is chairman of the Noordwes Posduiffederasie and involved in the pigeon sport since 1981 .He is a consistant top performer and also invest a lot of money obtaining the best pigeons.The Noordwes Posduiffederasie consist of 100 members in 13 different towns which in itself makes it difficult to stay at the top. During the past 5 years Willie has won the club averages 2 and the Federation averages once.He is also the 2014 young bird club Champion (Schweizer Saamvlieg Posduif Vereniging ). Hiermee meer opgedateerde resultate van my huidige perstasies.(van hierdie inligting besit jy dalk reeds) 1.Ek het Jongduifpunte in die NOORDWES POSDUIF FEDERASIE gewen.Het ook in Klub Die jongduifpunte gewen. 2. Ek is tans 2de Op algehele punte in Fed 3. Het die naweek van 23/8/2014 1ste 3 Plekke in Fed gevlieg(Stutterheim-630kms-spoed 1296mpm 4. Meer detail oor duiwe op veiling se kinders; 4.1-22396-TOM LOCK wyfie.Haar eie kind het 87ste in Dinokeng gevlieg in finaal en was 35ste Algehele beste duif-alle vlugte. Haar Kleinkind wen Federasie 23/8/2014-Stutterheim 630kms-1296mpm.Haar ander kleinkinders vlieg constant goeie plekke. 4.2-Haar eie dogter (7960) se eie kinders(1ste jaar van lening) as volg; BLOMTOM 1 Sapir Lofts-Tans 3de Beste Duit in Hotspots na 3 Hotspots en 9de Algeheel alle vlugte. Ander kind vlieg SANPO SUID HOKKE HOTSPOT 1/9/2014-19de Ander Kind(5806) vlieg 6de Wolmaransstad Veilingsvlug en ween meer as R3000. 5.-1717-Bertus Nel Gaby-Een dogter (2766) vlieg baie constant veral op moeiliker vlugte.Het al baie goeies vir Bertus geteel. 6. -2446-Niel Chalmers-Min geteel uit duif-Sy dogter het 30/8/2014-8ste Klub en ook in 1ste 50 in Fed presteer vanaf Beaufort Wes (630kms) in moelike vlug. 7.-5078-Niel Chalmers-Nog nie geteel maar die volbroer se Kinders presteer baie constant 8.-14340-ZOON BAD BOY-Hoofsaaklik vir stoet gebruik en vlieg een kind(2767) wat baie constant presteer. 9.-Belg 4285327-Hoofsaaklik vir Stoet bebruik.Het 2013/2014 n kind na Allflite Somerhokke gestuur en was 7de Beste Algehele duif. Fanciers who wants to contact Willie can call him on 0825656645 or willie@ljlandgoed.co.za.
2014 Special Request to Pigeon Fanciers Back to top
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Kommadagga Lofts Eastern Cape Special request to fanciers who have the Mugabe line in their lofts? We have just learnt that one of the daughters of Super Breeder Mugabe, which was sold on Exclusive Pigeons, bred 8 Union winners. As a result we would like to ask the following from fanciers who carry the Mugabe line in their lofts. Please forward us the breeding and or flying results of this line as we would like to keep a record of the achievements of Mugabe and his progeny? Best Wishes to All Gerhard & Pieter Kommadagga Lofts Tel: 076 4777 224 E-Mail: kommadaggalofts@gmail.com
2014 Exclusive Pigeons Success Story Back to top
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Tony Texeira from Klerksdorp bought ZA PWF 0948/12 on the Exclusive Pigeons website during 2013. As yearling the hen raced consistently well , but as 2 year old she realy excelled becoming a racing machine. Tony is so impressed by her that he is retiring her to stock now. She is currently one of the best birds in the club and Federation. This hen was bred by Ferdie Coetzer out of a Blou Bul x Flor Engels mating. It once again underline the fact that the Blou Bul pigeons are some of the very best cross material .It seems like a sure way to improve your loft is to introduce Blou Bul pigeons. The Exclusive Pigeons team would like to thank Tony for this great feedback and wish him all the best in his racing career.

2014 Super Breeder MUGABE - New Owner Back to top
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Proudly owned by Kommadagga Lofts

Super Breeder Mugabe

Proudly owned by Kommadagga Lofts





Exclusive Pigeons take pride to announce that Kommadagga Lofts – Eastern Cape, are now the proud owners of super breeder Mugabe. Mugabe was bought with the assistance of Mark King, directly from Alwyn Bester, for an undisclosed amount. It is widely publicised that Top Fancier Alwyn Bester bought Mugabe on the Auction of J&M King during August 2013 for R 110 000 – 00.


Mark King from Exclusive Pigeons explains. “Mugabe is an imported Hubart Schroyens Cock (Houben), and  first shot to stardom when he bred 20 winners and 4 Union winners during two seasons for Kobus Reynders. From 2008 to 2011 Mugabe bred 7 Union winners.


His Sire is Blauwe Prins 97 BELG 6165135, who himself won 1st Orleans VMK, is also nest brother to Superman who scored 3rd National Bourges against 38 152 birds in 1997. His Dam is “Zwetteke” lot 10 on the sale of Hubart Schroyens 2001 BELG 6253550, She won 1st Asduif Fond Regina Jongen, 2nd Asduif Fond Noordwijk and 3rd Asduif Fond Antwerpen Union. She also won 120th National Argenton against 23 493 birds. She was bred out of the Top Breeding Pair of Zwarte 105 X Great Grand Daughter to Kannibaal. Hubart Schroyens wrote the following of this hen, “sterk op de wedstrijden en ook in de kweekvoliere”. These words are still echoed today in the achievements of her super breeding son Mugabe and his off spring.


Apart from Mugabe, Kommadagga Lofts are also the proud owners of two direct sons of Mugabe, Mengistu ZA 2011 07970 which was purchased on Exclusive Pigeons during 2012 and Idi Amin ZA 2011 03535 also purchased on Exclusive Pigeons during 2013. Both of them have bred winners and between the two of them, thus far, they bred 10 winners for Kommadagga Lofts.

According to Gerhard de Lange – a partner in Kommadagga Lofts, this fact was vital in their decision to purchase Mugabe as Kommadagga Lofts, amongst many other Lofts, have proved beyond a doubt that Mugabe has the ability to pass his super breeding genes to his off spring and they in turn to their off spring.

A good example of this is ZA 2011 GPU 15295, a grand daughter of Mugabe, which was raced by Out of Africa Lofts and who was a 3 times (2XEqual) winner. She scored with velocities which ranged from 1096m/s to 1623m/s and from 384km to 702km.

In addition to the two super breeding sons of Mugabe, Kommadagga Lofts also purchased a Full Sister to Mugabe and several grand daughters. They purchased one of these grand daughters to Mugabe on the auction of Jan Botes ZA 2011 OERF 09499 (most expensive pigeon on this auction). She is a double grand daughter to Mugabe, a great grand daughter to Mugabe and a grand daughter of Mugabe’s 5 times winning daughter.

As to the future of Mugabe Gerhard has the following to say: “We spared no expenses in acquiring the best and we would like to make the super breeding genes of Mugabe available to fanciers throughout the country – for a premium of course.” Anyone interested can phone Gerhard on 076 4777 224 to discus options and further arrangements.








Mengistu - Breeder of Winners for Kommadagga Lofts







Idi Amin – Breeder of Winners for Kommadagga Lofts

2014 Alfonzo le Roux - Derby Combine Wenner Back to top
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Die volgende sms is deur Alfonzo aan Exclusive Pigeons gestuur : Hallo Ferdie. Ek wil jou net laat weet die Spritzy hen wat ek by jou gekoop het , en die Blou Bul cock wat jy my present gegee het , se dogter wen vir my die Derby Combine. Sy was laasweek 3de klub en 5de Combine en was so mooi date k besluit het om haar weer te vlieg in die Derby. Albei was redelike harde kopwind wedvlugte. Weereens dankie ek is baie beindruk. Groete Alfonzo. Baie geluk Alfonzo Exclusive Pigeons span.
2014 PTA combine Aliwal North Back to top
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This past weekend was two very hard races from Aliwal North. Anton Jonck won the first race union & combine by 4 minutes with a granddaughter 'Bliksem' Vandenabeele crossed with a cock he got from Hendrik Huyser bred from a son of their good old cock x the no 1 hen of Ferdie Lubbe. The fed winner was Len & Grobler . The second race fed winner was Dawid & Buntys loft with RC Janse van Rensburg 2nd Betting trio 3rd. The PTA fed took the first 4 positions in the combine in the second race. The union was won by Maverick lofts. Louis Gindra were top 10 combine both races as well as Boshoffs. Congratulations to the winners and good luck for this weekend. Seem like another hard one upon us !
2014 Fanie Burgers won Pretoria Combine Back to top
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Congratulations to Fanie Burgers on a great performance the past weekend from Trompsburg(540km).His pigeon 12/44709 won the combine and 12/16204 took 4th combine.Both pigeons are out of Ferdie Coetzers Blou Bul line ,the winner is a great granddaughter out of the Unrung cock and the 4th place winner is a granddaughter to the Unrung cock. The Unrung cock was a grandson to Spritzy bred out of a brother of Brahman mated to a daughter of Blou Bul. As Spritzy and Blou Bul were sister and brother the Unrung cock was a nephew to niece mating. The Unrung cock produced a lot of pigeons that won on the Highest level. Currently on sale a granddaughter dont mis out.
2014 Bartlo Oerlemans - VNRF Short Distance Champion 20 Back to top
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Gongratulations to Bartlo Oerlemans on winning the short distance averages for 2014 in the VNRF. He is based on a farm outside Polekwane previously known as Pietersburg. In his short racing career Bartlo has done exceptionally well. He won the VNRF averages on 2 times ,produced 4 best birds on Federation level ,won 2 bakkies and bred Ace bird SAPIR Something Splendid and Ace bird Dinokeng Marissa. Competing under the name Coetzer & Oerlemans Bartlo also excelled in one loft racing.In the first year at Dinokeng he produced the ace bird and ended 7th in the main event.In 2013 his bird Spikkels ended 6th in the main event as well as 2nd in the grand averages. Bartlo also bred the cock that sired Jaques Poggenpoel National Loft South winner. Bartlo based his loft pigeons on 2 sons out of the Blou Bul which was given to him as a present by Ferdie Coetzer. He has consistently better the family using performance as main selection criteria. According to Bartlo there is no better pigeons than the Blou Bul line.

Some of his super pigeons.


07/1723 – bakkie winner


07/1724 – Sire ace birds SAPIR and Dinokeng.



08/01909 – bakkie winner



2014 Combine results/Super hen owned by Du Preez & Deet Back to top
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Banie Deetlefs & John du Preez owns a super hen that won her 3rd PTA union & combine for the season (09246/13) from Tromsburg Yearling National. A superb achievement in the strong combine. This is exceptional because we believe that this is the first pigeon ever in the combine that have won 3 times in one season !! Another pigeon that won 3 combines was 15934/00 of Martin van Staden, but this was over a 2 year period. The super hen from Banie & John's sire is a German cock bought from SCMDPR mainly consists of the Janssen line x '7886' Turbo Tom/De Wet Putterie hen superbreeding hen (Their old family). This pair gave 4 winners thus far for them. A brilliant hen that one can only dream of !! They also took 2nd combine in the open race with a hen that won a couple of weeks ago. She's bred from their no 1 breeding hen of the old family'4003' x a Houben cock '772' who was on loan from Hendrik Huyser & sn. PTA Fed winner yearlings was JABEZ 1&2nd from a so called very bad westerly position (shows you the big liberation makes a huge difference. A junior Divan Harmse was 4th combine, JL du Plessis 5th, Alwyn Bester 6th (we not need to mention again a daughter of 'Golden TT' super hen ex J&M King. Open race won by Fanie Burgers in union & combine, also 4th, Jannie & Koos 3rd, Fred Coetzer 5th with a Gaby from the 'Bliksem line'.
2014 Willem & Stella van Zyl in front in GRPA Back to top
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Willem & Stella flew the race of their lives this past weekend from Springfontein in the PSPU/GRPA. They took the first 5 positions in the club, also 1,2,3,5,6th union. He also won the whole GRPA combine ! The winner is a beautiful Blue bar pied hen 33344/13 and his best racer this year. In 5 races she won the whole combine this past weekend but also 2 x 2nd club and twice 3rd. Both times she flew twice a loftmate won the race. Her sire is an inbred Spritzy 'Brahman' cock bought from Koert Grobler's sale. The dam is Willem's no 1 hen 27030 a 3x winner herself and breeder of union winners with 3 different cocks. She's bred from the Powell x Turbo Tom/Schmidt bloodlines. Her son won the Gold medal long distance SANPO 2013, also silver medal overall. On a recent visit to their loft we were impressed by the quality of pigeons that they own. Well done.
2014 Exclusive Pigeons welcomes info Back to top
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We would like to hear from all the fanciers in the country with super pigeons or results. Let us know if you have any interesting story about super pigeons or a specific fancier. We will gladly publish it.
2014 Pre bidding for Dr Gavin Rous auction active Back to top
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The pre bidding for the auction of Dr Gavin Rous has commenced. Have a look under our pre bidding section to place bids. Main public auction takes place 10 Aug '14 @ Alberton club, no 10 Fick Road, Florentia, Alberton.
2014 'The Mirage' super Red cock Back to top
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'The Mirage' is a medium sized red cock who won the PTA union & combine by 3 minutes 30 seconds for Johan & Mark King from Bloemfontein a couple of weeks ago. He flew away for the whole liberation together with a TRPF bird who is 75 kilometres closer to the race point. He was given his name by fellow club fancier Ferdi Lubbe who also loves red pigeons. What makes this cock so special is that two weeks earlier J&M King also won the combine but got 3 birds together and he was one of them but never walked in first ! He is a son of the super hen 'Golden TT' lot 30 King auction who currently is the best breeder in the loft of Alwyn Bester. His sire 03051/08 is from the well known Houben fanatic and Advocate by profession Nico Dreyer from Bloemfontein who is a very good friend of the King family. He donated the cock to Johan King after a visit to Bloemfontein. The sire a mealy Houben cock was bred from the famous click pair of Nico 'Herbie x Mealy hen'. 'Herbie' undoubtedly must be one of the best ever Houbens to enter this country. The mealy hen is a daughter of '420' sister of the famous '421'. This click pair bred the famous 5011/04 of Nico an 8x winner and three times fed winner in Bloemfontein ! 3 sons from this mating bred 20 winners between them for Nico ! Another interesting fact about 'The Mirage' is that his halfsister 03342/11 plus his mother's (Golden TT) sister 17026/12 were all three in the top 10 best birds combine before they were stopped racing. 17026/12 is a full sister to 'Golden TT' and she flew 1,1,2,4th club thus far in 2014. She is from the click pair 'Moneymaker x Twilight pearl'. 03342/11 is bred from a cock out of Peet Hartman's click pair (Lock x Fabry) x wonderbreeder 'Golden TT' 7336/07.


2014 PTA combine Smithfield Back to top
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Du Preez & Deetlefs won the yearling combine race from Smithfield also the TRPF liberation !! Unofficially we heard through a source that only Nico Naude of the GRPA PTA will have a higher velocity than theirs and Nico might also beat the whole liberation against TRPF/GPU/PTA Combine/PTA GRPA. Len & Grobler won the PTA fed (2nd combine) with P&P Maas 3rd, HJ Cronje 4th, Fred Coetzer 5th with a Gaby youngster bred from birds bought from Exclusive pigeons. Open race was won by Len & Grobler with Fanie Burgers 2nd,3rd, Boshoffs 4th and J&M King 5th. This big combine liberation showed that despite the wind that this was the best spread result over the whole of PTA that we have expierenced this year. A big wake up call for the so called experts that are against it. It also makes sense because of the cost factor, something that will have to be looked into considering the decline in our beloved sport.
2014 Gavin Rous - Sale of Champions Catalogue Back to top
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Download the catalogue online

Click here to download the catalogue

2014 Fanie Burgers Back to top
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Congratulations to Fanie Burgers who has won his first Union since making his comeback in pigeon racing.Fanie is a member of the strong Crusaders club where he is flying against the likes of John du Preez and Banie Deetlefs ,Mark and Johan King etc. The winner ZA12/16201 is now a 4x winner which in itself is a magnificent achievement.The race point was Smithfield (520 km) and Fanie won 1 and 2 union on the old birds. The winner 12/16201 was bred by Ferdie Coetzer out of his Famous Blou Bul/Lou Wouter pigeons.

2014 Classic Medalis Pigeon Auction - |Chris Baker Back to top
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Not only beginners and struggling Racing Pigeon Fanciers should diarize Chris Bakers full Dispersal Racing Pigeon Auction on Wednesday the 24th of September at the Alberton Homing Society, but Champion fanciers that need to introduce fresh genetic pigeon stock material should take serious notice as well.



The Classic Medalist Pigeon Auction

of Champion Chris Baker

Interviewed by Thomas Smit

(Part One)



(Diarize the 24th of September, 2014)


Not only beginners and struggling Racing Pigeon Fanciers should diarize Chris Baker’s full Dispersal Racing Pigeon Auction on Wednesday the 24th of September at the Alberton Homing Society, but Champion fanciers that need to introduce fresh genetic pigeon stock material should take serious notice as well.


What is rare about the performance pigeons in this discussion is that none of it descents from the latest craze of expensive Importations, (except years ago), but a combination of what must be the World’s best Recessive Reds Collection, Chris Marais / Tom Lock’s Winner Circle Collection  / Fabry Collection etc. comparable to the Medalist achievers from the cream of Europe.


So this is a Proudly South African success story of the highest collection of National Ace Pigeons and Medalist achieving pigeons covered in any of my article over 16 Years.


It’s an honour as a Free-Lance Journalist, Columnist at the Farmer’s Weekly and C0-worker at the SA & World Pigeon News to be afforded the privilege to cover the success story of Champion Chris Baker and his Classic Medalist Racing Pigeons.


As you read on dear reader, you will find that few fanciers in South Africa and the World could have managed to achieve the astounding results in Pigeon Racing, as Champion Chris Baker did!


Chris could easily have sold of his racing pigeons privately to a queue of eager buyers, but preferred to auction his pigeons on the open market. Chris wants to give beginners and struggling fanciers this golden opportunity to obtain high-class proven pigeons, otherwise rarely available.


Tough Competition In the North West

Chris competed under the name of Eagle Flight Lofts and held membership with the Brits Racing Pigeon Club. The Umbrella Organization was the Platina Specialist Pigeon Union, which changed in 2013 when the Club joined the Pretoria Pigeon Racing Federation. There were 7-9 Clubs interchangeably within the Organization entering between 1,000 to 2,000 pigeons per race. The pigeons do not return in flocks from the race events as the Clubs are spread over a +- 150 km’s radius and only well trained quality pigeons will remain in the lead to score a break-away win. So if you dare to think it an easy to beat performance scenario, you may be in for a nasty surprise!


Classic Results in Pigeon Racing

Chris Baker’s Racing Pigeon Career only embraced 5 seasons (2009-2013), but his unequaled triumphs compares better to what most fanciers can only dream to achieve during a lifetime.


Chris stepped up into the Racing Pigeon scene as a novice in 2009 and was crowned Club Champion in his first season and remained Club Champion 4 years consecutively. In 2013 his 5th and final year on the pigeon scene he was crowned runner-up Club Champion.


A Short Summary of Chris Bakers Results:


Achievements Highlights (Not Complete)

·         Middle-Distance Union Champion 3 years consecutively

·         Long-Distance Union Champion 4 years consecutively

·         1st and 2nd PSWU Union Champion Loft 2012 with 1823 points lead.

·         1st and 5th Union Points Champion 2012 his A and B Teams

·         Sixteen of the top 50 Union Champion Pigeons in 2012

·         The Overall Union Champion Hen 2012 (ZA PSWU 09 1686) Bred from ‘’Louis’’ Gr Son mated to a niece of ‘Louis’.

·         The Overall Union Champion Yearling in 2012 (8075-11 ZA PSWU) Bred from a combination of the Aces Old & Aces Gold Wynand Wolmarans dynasty / Tom Lock and Piet van Zyl Putterie Slimme.

·         Six of the top 14 Union Champion Hens in 2012

·         Seven of the top 16 Union Champion Racing Pigeon Cocks in 2012

·         Three of the top Seven 2012 Union Champion Yearling Pigeons

·         The 2012 Long Distance Union Champion pigeon category 2 Yrs. and older (09 ZA Mill 982) with 59 Points Lead.

·         ‘’982’’ Was also the 2nd best Union Champion Racing Pigeon Cock in 2012 and 2nd Best All-Distance Pigeon in the Union

·         2011 Open Races PSWU Champion

·         1st and 3rd Middle- and Long Distance PSWU Champion 2010

·         1st Open PSWU Champion 2010

·         3rd  PSWU Yearling Champion 2010

·         2009 Club Champion Union Champion Union Open Champion

·         2013  Runner-up Club champion

·         Chris Baker and his Brother-in-Law, Clive De Bruin, each entered a team in the Pretoria Federation and won both - the 2 Year Old Championship and Leeuw Gamka Federation. Besides winning they jointly scored seven positions within the first 24 Positions in the Federation on Leeuw Gamka in which Chris scored the 1st x 9 positions in his Club.


Classic Medalist Ace Pigeons

It’s a lesson in Pigeon Journalism and Champion Pigeon Breeding to research the discipline in which the gene pool of the Chris Baker Aces was developed.

A Study of the Pedigree Synopsys of ‘’982’’, 2012 Long Distance Union Champion pigeon

The Sire of ‘’982’’is ‘’Big Dream’’ bred by Wynand Wolmarans. Big Dream’s Sire ‘Afring’’ in turn bred 32 Winners including ‘’Golden Whisper’’, the 2000 Ace Pigeon in the South African Million Dollar Pigeon Race. ‘’Afring’’ is the Sire / Grand Sire of 41x 1st Ace Awards. ‘Afring’ is also the Sire of 9 Long Distance Union Champion Pigeons in 11 Years. The Off-spring of ‘’Afring’’ produced over 100 Union and Federation Winners. The Dam of ‘’Big Dream’’ is 10589 Sister of the R80, 000-00 Tom Lock Cock bred from the Tom Lock R100, 000-00 Super Pair. There are Multiple Big Money Winners and SANPO Ace Pigeon Awards within the Tom Lock Gene pool. They are key foundation pigeons within the Out Of Africa Lofts (Egbert O’ Kelly Winners Circle) which includes Mega top Scores in One-Day Lofts in South Africa.

The Dam of ‘’982’’is ‘’Little Star’’ ½ Sister to 2 Gold–, One Silver- and Two Bronze Medalist. ‘’Little Star’’ is bred from ‘’Keizer’’ when mated to its own Gold Medal Winner Daughter ‘’Megastar’’. ‘’Little Star’’ is Dam and Granddame to 10 Ace Pigeon Awards. Her Sire ‘’Keizer’’ bred 2x 1st SANPO Ace Pigeons-, One 2nd SANPO Ace Pigeon and one 3rd SANPO Ace Pigeon. ‘’Keizer’’ is bred from the famous ‘baklei’ (fighting) family of the Late Ben Van As.

Let’s take a look at ‘Louis’ and his ½ Sisters Pedigree

‘’Louis’’ (19034 -00) Foundation Pigeon of the Old Aces Family-  Sire of Winners with 10 Hens and produced Union 1st with 6 Hens. ‘’Louis’’ is the Sire and Gr Sire to +- 33x 1st Ace Awards in Pigeon Racing. The ½ Sister to ‘’Louis’’ (31092-97) bred 27 Winners and is the  Dam and Grand Dam to 1st SAMDPR Hot Spot, River On-Day Loft Hot Spot Winner and 2x 1st Ace Pigeons River On-Day Loft. Her Sire is ‘’Old Louis’’ 80785-90 that Sired 44 Winners and her Dam is 160950-91 the 4x 2nd achiever Foundation Hen Sister to ‘’Goudoog’’ The Sire of ‘’Old Louis’’ is ‘’Old Afvlerk’’ when Mated to its own Daughter.

Complimentary to the Winning circleare the old Fabry, Slimme, Janssen ‘Engelsman’ line with which the late Tollie Fourie was 21x 1st Rustenburg Club Champion from which Peet Hartman’s nr 1 Foundation cock originated that caused fireworks mated back to the Tom Lock Egbert O’Kelly winners circle.

There is a link within each of the Tom Lock, Turbo Tom, Keizer and Marais Lines.


Chris wishes to thank all the fancier that contributed to his success making pigeon available and assisting with selection and advice: Conrad and Wynand Wolmarans, Vernon Johnson, Piet van Zyl, Ken Groves and Robert Scott etc.

Extra-large Dynamite firewood bred into one genetic package!!! Don’t miss this Auction if you are serious about pigeon racing guys!

Please Visit these Chris Baker Website References





Contacts - Auction information:

Chris Baker 082 8878 346

Vernon Johnson Auctioneer076 7665778

2014 Alwyn Bester wins strong combine PTA/TRPF Back to top
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'The Concorde' a young cock bred from the super Twilight-Turbo Tom hen 'Golden TT' lot 30 J&M King sale x a cock from oom Koos Jonck won the PTA union & combine as well as the whole TRPF liberation last weekend from Dewetsdorp for Alwyn Bester. He won the PTA combine with a staggering 5 minutes !! Weekly children from this super hen 'Golden TT' are performing tops. Andre Carelsen flew 2nd & 9th with Hj Cronje 3rd combine. The PTA fed race was won by Len & Grobbie. Mark King has always rated Kobus & Len Pieterse as some of the best fanciers he knows. Without spending a lot of money on expensive birds they always seem to race well. Du Preez & Deetlefs had a great Dewetsdorp Open race by winning the combine as well as 3rd position. The union chairman Willem van Wyk came 2nd combine. Tinus Boshoff won the fed in the open race.
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This weekend (19/07/2014) saw the first real combine race between the TRPF, GPU, PRETORIA COMBINE (FED&UNION), and the GRPA. One can see that this was truly a combine race! The overall winner in the open race out of a good few thousand pigeons was a 3 year old Blue bar hen PATIENCE GPU 2011 10740, bred and raced by the well known experienced east rand fancier Henry Annandale.(The birds name to be explained later) Henry is member of the strong Boksburg South club that is affiliated to the GPU. Henry is no stranger to winning big races, having won the BAKKIE race, LAPA race and a string of union and combine races with the famous SOLO that once graced his lofts. PATIENCE clocked in at a speedily 1665.2711m/m at 12:56:23 pm. Henry bought her sire on the dispersal sale of the then GPU champion Peet Hartman. He was bred by Out Of Africa lofts and raced by Peet. his breeding is the R100 000,00 Tom lock line crossed with the famous spritzy line. The dam of the winner was bought by Henry on the BREITENBACH & MULDER auction. Her father is the famous JUAN 1 Tom Lock line Crossed with a Van Rijn/Slimme/Putterie hen a double winner from the late C.J.Lombard. For interest sake the full sister to PATIENCE was gifted to Hendrik Kaltwasser in the TRPF. She has to date already bred him a double winner and a second place winner! As can be seen the genes running through the veins of PATIENCE and her sister are of the very highest quality. THE NAME: As a yearling PATIENCE was badly injured when she flew into overhead power lines. She was doctored and pampered by Henry and lightly Raced as a two year old and as a three year old repaid her master with interest by beating the best of the best and winning the first Gauteng combine of 2014. A lesson for all fanciers: HAVE SOME PATIENCE!!! Hence her name. Once again congratulations to Henry on a fantastic win that we all fantasize of one day having and at the same teaching us a valuable lesson in pigeon racing - PATIENCE.
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This past weekend the GPU race from Trompsburg was postponed to Sunday because of bad weather. The race was dominated by the Benoni club in the strong GPU. Both winners were bred by Dr John Field. The young bird race was won by the rising star in Benoni, Tyrone Barnard with a bird bred for him by Dr John Field out of his imported Dirk Van Dyck, Kannibaal line. The open race was dominated by Dr John Field with him taking 1st and 2nd getting two birds home at exactly the same time. The bird to register first was bred from a Butch Einkamerer Houben and interestingly the dam is a bird that would have been Johns first career winner, but was not registered due to an accidental clearing of his electronic clock. He decided to put her to stock and this is her second union winner that shes bred. The other bird that registered the same velocity on Sunday for John is bred down the lines of his good friend Pat Wrights gold medal cock Patten. Both birds are raced on the widowhood system. John is having a super season so far, leading the overall averages in the GPU. Congratulations to Tyrone and John.

This past weekend the GPU race from Trompsburg was postponed to Sunday because of bad weather. The race was dominated by the Benoni club in the strong GPU. Both winners were bred by Dr John Field.

The young bird race was won by the rising star in Benoni, Tyrone Barnard with a bird bred for him by Dr John Field out of his imported Dirk Van Dyck, Kannibaal line. The open race was dominated by Dr John Field with him taking 1st and 2nd getting two birds home at exactly the same time.

The bird to register first was bred from a Butch Einkamerer Houben and interestingly the dam is a bird that would have been  John’s first career winner, but was not registered due to an accidental clearing of his electronic clock.

He decided to put her to stock and this is her second union winner that she’s bred. The other bird that registered the same velocity on Sunday for John is bred down the lines of his good friend Pat Wright’s gold medal cock “Patten”. Both birds are raced on the widowhood system.

John is having a super season so far, leading the overall averages in the GPU. Congratulations to Tyrone and John.


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Exclusive Pigeons recently visited the champion lofts of Monti and Lientjie Schmidt in Polokwane. They have won the federation averages three times, produced numerous best birds and have also done more than their duty on administrative level. They have also played an instrumental role in IP du Preez, also becoming a champion fancier. Monti only believes acquiring the best birds and he is a great supporter of Exclusive Pigeons according to him a site that is providing only the best.

M & L SCHMIDT (Monti en Lientjie Schmidt 082 826 6336)


From left to right: Monti, his lovely wife, Lientjie, and Ferdie Coetzer in front of their state of the art pigeon lofts


Resultate uit Broeihok

Fed Kampioen gelewer  2007 IP du Preez, 2008 M & L Schmidt, 2010 IP du Preez, 2011 IP du Preez, 2012 M & L Schmidt en 2013 M & L Schmidt


(Teel  jaarliks vir IP du Preez)


Vliegresultate M & L Schmidt


Fed Kamp 2008 , 2012 en 2013

Verwerf SANPO Klere vir Vlieg en Admin in 2014.

Reeds 14 jaar Voorsitter van VNRF.


Bekom die laaste jare slegs die heelbeste Stoet beskikbaar en baseer  ook sy stoethok om duiwe met presasies onder andere Blue Bar Cock 08/3100 tot met datum reeds 26 Fed Wenners geteel, kinders end kleinkinders presteer ook baie goed. 



Blue Bar Hen 09/4975 'n 5 x wenner




Blue Bar Hen 10/1350 4 x wenner



Blue Bar Pied Cock 10/1047 2 x wenner teel ook in sy eerste jaar op stoet 4 x wenners



Direkte seun van Coetzer/Oerlemans se Bont Cock 01/1280 Blue Check Cock, 03/100571 3 x Fed wenner teel die afgelope jare baie wenners.  Bekom direkte kinders uit basies al die fondasie duiwe van Ferdie Coetzer.




M & L Schmidt Loft  3 x Verre-noord Kampioene!!


Prestaties vir 2013 Klub, Streek en Federasie

2de Plek Kortpad (Verloor met 1 punt) (Klub, Streek en Federasie)

Middelpad kampioen (Klub, Streek en Federasie)

Langpad kampioen (Klub, Streek en Federasie)

Jaar Oud reeks kampioen (Klub, Streek en Federasie)

Ope reeks kampioen (Klub, Streek en Federasie)

Algehele Alle hok punte Kampioen (Klub, Streek en Federasie)

Beste duif (Klub, Streek en Federasie) - 5 onder eerste 10 beste duiwe in Federasie Dark Check Cock VNRF 12/4608

Klub kampioen

Streek kampioen

Federasie kampioen

VNRF kampioen 2013



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Recently Exclusive Pigeons paid a visit to Thys Greyvensteyn and Johan van Rooyen, and we were most impressed by the high standard of pigeon stationed in their lofts. Their main breeder is a cock called The Lapa Cock, and apart from the fact that he is an 8 time winner, he has also bred in excess of 20 winners. They have decided to strengthen The Lapa line with the Blou Bul blood of Ferdie Coetzer, and they had immediate success.




GVR Lofts bought out of the Brahman and Blou Bul lines the following pigeons:

This beautiful cock is a direct son of TRPF 02/2300, one of the most potent Spritzy cocks in the country, and he immediately made a positive impact in their flying performances.


This beautiful Schalie hen is an inbred Blou Bul hen. They mated her to the Lapa Cock as well as the direct son out of the Brahman cock. Her children are doing exceptionally well. According to Thys and Johan this hen can only take them forward.


This is also one of Spritzy hens that is showing great promise.


The fact that all the Blou Bul pigeons immediately slotted in when crossed with exceptional pigeons like the Lapa Cock, highlight that they are superior cross material, and can strengthen any loft.

Thys and Johan are only in their second year of flying. The Exclusive Pigeons team would like to wish them all the best and hope that they will become great champions.

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This week the youngest fancier in the Benoni Homing Society put up a record performance in the club by amassing a huge number of all bird points in the club and union. Tyrone Barnard won the open race and scored a 3rd in the young bird series and taking multiple positions in both races to secure a massive amount of 213 all bird points in the club and a whopping 716 all bird points in the union. Tyrone races birds originating mainly from Pat Wright(gold medal x tom lock x koopman) and recently an imported Van Dyck cock brought in by himself and Dr John Field that was selected in Belgium by Joe Gomes.

This young man is definitely one for the future with a lot of his advice coming from the legendary Roland Bouwer. Take a look at the lofts and you will see this young man is serious about pigeon racing.


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Exclusive pigeons welcomes our good friend Alwyn Bester on board ! He is officially a partner together with Mark King & Ferdie Coetzer. Together they are Exclusive pigeons ! We hope that this will even better our service and that we can continue to sell top pigeons at reasonable prices to our clients.
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The past weekend the yearling race in the PTA union was won by HJ Cronje of Pretoria-East and the fed & combine winner was the Boshoffs who is truly having a dream season thus far. This pigeon is a Clausing x Sunny gold cross and this season only already a 3x winner ! Alwyn Bester only guy who had two in the top 10 combine both daughters of the great 'Queen TT' 7336/07 Gold medal winner J&M King mated to different cocks ! Du Preez & Deetlefs youngbird flew 3 races so far and won 1st,2nd and now 5th combine ! Open race union & combine won by Johan Pretorius Kilnerpark with Dean Jooste second. Fed won by Johan de Beer of Centurion. Herman de Jager also needs a special mention with 8 birds in the first 49 in the open combine race. Combine short distance averages after 4 races : 1. P&P Maas 2. H de Jager 3. Dean Jooste 4. Johan & Mark King 5. Du Preez & Deetlefs 6. Boshoffs 7. E Kruger 8. Reynders & Umberti 9. Die Britsse 10. Pretorius & Terblanche
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As can be seen here the winner of the 2nd Allflight Summer Challenge was Hoff Johann from Germany with his pigeon Roo. This medium sized Schalie Blue Barred c-o-c-k decided to fly through the rain rather than around it to win the 13000 on offer for first place, what makes this winner so special is that Roo: also wins 1250 for being the ACE pigeon for the 2010 race series. He managed to score no less than 10 times in the top 73 positions and 9 times scoring in the top 10%. A super pigeon that I am sure will produce the goods for his proud new owners.


We have paired him with the following local super hens.








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Lee Kruger is a fancier based in Edenvale, Johannesburg. He competes in the strong TRPF with his racing pigeons. He decided to improve his pigeons and bought a Blou Bul hen, as well as a son out of Ferdie Coetzer's super breeder "The Unrung Cock". It resulted in Lee ending in the top 20 of the strong TRPF for the first time ever in his racing career.

Lee has also won the yearling averages in the Edenvale club (21 members) and ended 12th in the TRPF young bird averages.

He also had the best yearling in the club - ZA GPU 01831 12

This super star hen was bred out of Blou Bul hen 10'28936


Together with this hen's children the offspring of the son out of the Unrung Cock enabled Lee to consistantly clock in competative time.

According to Lee he only now realise that the most important factor in achieving success is the quality of your birds, and the Blou Bul injection has had a major impact in his performances.


He is one of Ferdie Coetzer's best breeders ever


Some of ZA VNRF 1116'10 Super performing children



Exclusive Pigeons would like to congratulate Lee on a super season in 2013, and we wish him all the best for the new season.

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Hansie Sauer from the Jamestown region is a great friend of Exclusive Pigeons.He supported us well throughout the years.

During the past weekend Hansie won both races, not only in his Club but also on the Federation level. Well done Hansie.

Both winners are direct children of a Blou Bull cock Hansie bought from Ferdie Coetzer.

ZA 722/13 won the yearling FED by 2.55minutes and ZA 686/13 won the open FED by 7.05minutes.

The results were achieved in the Stormberg Federation. Hansie proved again that if you mate the Blou Bull pigeons to your

own best, success on the highest level is achieved.

May there be many more wins Hansie!!

Exclusive Pigeons Team.

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Last weekend Du Preez & Deetlefs won the yearling race in the union and combine with J&M King second combine. The fed was won by the Boshoffs. In the open race Die Wheelers won the union and combine with Dean Jooste being second. This past weekend the races were from Excelsior and Du Preez & Deetlefs won the union and combine again with the same pigeon that won the previous weekend ! This hen is bred from a Janssen German cock when mated to one of their best Turbo Tom hens.A brother 27551/10 won the combine from Matjiesfontein 2 years ago.JL du Plessis won the yearling race in the fed. Dam to the fed winner was bought by JL from Exclusive pigeons. Johan & Mark King won the open race union & combine also 5,6th positions with a 'Marieke'x'Mugabe' cross. This little BB w/f hen's nestmate brother won the combine last year from Winburg. Louis Gindra won the fed in the open race. P&P Maas also needs a mention for their super season thus far.
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'Golden TT' lot 30 J & M King auction was bought by Alwyn Bester for R40 000. Roland Bouwer regarded her apart from her dam 'Twilight pearl' as the best bird on auction. She won the gold medal middle distance but her children's performances are really amazing. The past weekend Alwyn won the Winburg third 'Kalfie' race liberated together with Alberton club against old birds by 1 min 22 seconds with a 2014 youngster bred from her. Her daughter was 5th combine, her son 6th combine for J & M King also this past weekend. What makes this special is that all three performers was her children when mated to 3 different cocks !!Last year another daughter 17773/12 was 2nd best middle distance pigeon in the PTA combine for Alwyn. We hope Alwyn still have some wonderful babies bred from her for the future.
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Congratulations to the Boshoff family for their magnificent performance this past weekend by winning the PTA federation and combine from Winburg in the yearling race. They are racing two teams and amongst them they took positions 1,2,3,5 & 6. Spectacular to say the least ! See another article for the pedigrees of these front flyers. Andre Carelsen for the third year in a row won the union's first race of the season with a Sierens x Lock cross. Len & Grobler won the open race fed & combine and Johan Pretorius & Terblanche the open race in the union. Congratulations guys !

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It is with sadness that we learnt of the passing away of Cassie Prinsloo ex partner of the top racing team Louis & Cassie, PWDF. Our prayers and condolences to his wife and his 2 daughters during this difficult time. His memorial will take place Wednesday 9 april 11am at the NG Church, Monument Park West in Kalkoen street.
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Super pigeons on the Crusaders auction this Saturday. Viewing 10 am and auction commends @ 11am. Top racer from Hooymans, one of the last original Houbens after their birds was sold to China, Filip Norman bred from Zorro line ex MDPR winner '08, an inbred Birdy x Konstantin also other top birds on auction. Refreshments will be available.

Crusaders R P C




Approved: 29 March 2014
Viewing Time: 10:00
Start Time: 11:00
Online Pre-auction
Opens: 24 March 2014, 00:00
Closes: 27 March 2014, 23:00


146 Hornbill Crescent, Montana, Pretoria




2014 Du Preez & Deetlefs PTA champions 2 years in a row Back to top
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The combination of John du Preez & Banie Deetlefs proved to be too strong for the second year running in the strong PTA combine. This is only the second time ever in the history of the combine that someone has won the competition 2 years in a row. On union level they won the following averages :short,long,open,yearling,3 bird nomination,3 bird nomination loft points, Championship plus Loft championship. Also the best short distance pigeon.On combine level they won the following averages : Short,long,open,yearling,3 bird nom, 3 bird loft nom, Championship of the combine awa loft championship in the combine. We will be selling birds from this super loft very soon !
2014 PSWU Jagpakketkompetisie Back to top
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Om fondse in te samel het die PSWU duiwe unie vanjaar weer hulle baie gewilde jag kompetisie bekendgestel . Teen honderd rand per kaartjie staan die gelukkige wenners 'n kans om weer drie pryse te wen. Pryse sluit die volgende in : 1 ste prys: 1 x Koedoe koei 1 x Blouwildebees 2 x Rooibokke 2de Prys: 1 x Blouwildebees 1 x Rooibok 3de Prys: 1 x Rooibok Ingesluit kry die drie wenners kry dan ook 3 nagte op die jagplaas in 'n selfsorg eenheid in die Thabazimbi Bosveld Vir meer inligting en om 'n kaartjie te koop kontak my asb by : Sel No 083 384 1360 of op my e-pos adres neelsdeysel@gmail.com

 Indien iemand 'n vol boekie koop, ( maw 15 Kaartjies @R100 per kaartjie)  sal ek aan die persoon 'n Tom Lock baba skenk. 20 Kaartjies sal 'n Spritzy  ontvang, 25 kaartjies 'n Houben (Uit Houbens vanaf Willie Steenkamp) en 30 kaartjies 'n baba geteel uit Nokatee se kinders.

 Net vir die rekord, ek verkoop op hierdie stadium my Tom Locke vir R1500 stuk, die Spritzys vir  R2500, die Houbens vir R3000 en die Nokatees vir R5000 stuk .


2014 Ferdie Coetzer - Blou Bul Star Breeders Back to top
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See offspring of top breeders. Currently available on Exclusive Pigeon Auctions.


Sire to ace birds Marissa - Dinokeng and Something Splendid - SAPIR



Best son out of BLOU BUL. Super breeder!!




Sister to ZA 1280/01




Inbred BLOU BUL cock. Super racer as well as breeder




Son to ZA 2300/02. Inbred BRAHMAN.




Victoria combine winner. Vic Wes 805km




Daughter unrung cock.




Grandson to SPRITZY




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The Role Models & Front Flyers of the

South African Million Dollar Pigeon Race

By Thomas Smit

Thank you for 18 Wonderful Pigeon Yearsand more to come

On the 25th of January, 2014 it will be the 18th final event of the annual South African Million Dollar Pigeon Race held in South Africa. If we are only allowed two words to express our appreciation towards its Race Director, the late Zandy Meyer – in my books and I am certain in yours too – it will be ‘’thank You’’.

Yes, a simple but sincere thank you - for producing a dream that has lived itself all over the world in the hearts and minds of pigeon fanciers.

While you have moved on Mr Race Director, we are all living your dream with an attitude of gratitude. A humble beginning in 1996 lit up a candle that brightened up the racing pigeon ambitions of Laymen, serious Pigeon breeders, Princes, Kings, Queens and Sheiks. The public looked upon it all with fascination and amazement – a grand parade equal to the Tour de France!

Certainly on the pedestals of the heavenly archives the name of the first winning pigeon ‘It’s Worth a Flutter’ will echo the name of each following winner on the whispers of its wings…and somehow Sir, we could hear you cheering them on - with a quiet chuckle!!

A Challenge to the Super Breeders of the World

Yes it’s true; while many participants dream to strike it rich in winning the South African Million Dollar Pigeon Race – there are others that are not in it for the money! No, they are in it for the challenge – to breed the SAMDPR Winning Pigeon!

It is the forte of determined pigeon breeders that spend many a day (and especially sleepless’ nights) in the study of the pedigrees of the top performing pigeons around the world. They keep earnest record of the archives of the pedigrees of past top performing SAMDPR pigeons to determine a breeding pattern by which the gene pool of their own flock can be improved.

When top sellers include the SAMDPR achievements into the pedigrees of the pigeons they offer to buyers – they secure a better price in sales.

The SAMDPR Set New Standards

What the SAMDPR Head Trainer, Corrie Naude said years ago is true: ‘’Every year the quality of the SAMDPR gene pool progresses and every year the overall class of the SAMDPR participating pigeons increase’’


And who should know better than Corrie - with the use of the offspring of pigeons he obtained from the SAMDPR his winning margin of the Transvaal Homing Union Point’s League Champions has set a South African record that will be broken with difficulty, if ever! This is besides Corrie’s multiple Medallist Achievers in the Sport of Pigeon Racing – that also descends from the gene pool of the SAMDPR.


Often, the introduction of a singular pigeon acquired from the SAMDPR auctions increase the standard of a mediocre loft to champion status!

Consequently, the standard of quality of our racing pigeons all over the world is lifted due to the role model set by the SAMDPR! We won’t forget the 1st, 3rd, and 4th final SAMDPR scores of US Champion Dave Clausing in 2002, 2003 and 2005 and how it awakened the world to acquire the ‘correct’ One-Day Loft type – after the theft of many of his base breeders, Dave is still a World Champion and his pigeon gene pool make waves wherever they are entered.


Of late I understand that Mike Ganus from the US is breeding pigeons that he calls ‘’Mike Says This One Will Win’’ – so all the best to you Mike

and to all the ambitious fanciers that set new SAMDPR standards worldwide!


Valued Supporters of the SAMDPR

The SAMDPR has always been proud to receive entries from celebrated champion pigeon fanciers around the world. However, every entrant, be it a novice fancier or a fancier just interested in the art of breeding that special One-Day Loft pigeon – all contributors are special and each entrant is valued – thank you! Who knows when it is your turn to receive the winning handshake?


Front Flyers of the 18th SAMDPR

Space prevents us to document a complete list of top achievers within the SAMDPR and the omission of any top result is not done intentionally.


The 18th SAMDPR Grand Averages- at the time of writing this report, with Frank Locante from the US in the lead, 10 different countries featured within the top 15 positions of the SAMDPR Grand Averages.

ØA number of  well-known names noted within the top 100 (in no particular order) are: Richard, Friedhelm & Thomas Klein (Germany),  Koopman Racing Team (The Netherlands),  Hamilton Racing – (Australia),  Helmut & Alfons Klaas (Germany), Team Hooymans (The Netherlands), Andreas Siller (Germany),  Americas Dream Loft (US),  Karel Klemens (Czech Republic), Mishal Ead (Kuwait), Jos Thone (Belgium), Nemelka Racing Pigeon Loft (US), Hok Jos Vercammen (Belgium), Paul Smith Syndicate (UK) Team Sylt 2000 (Germany), Emiel Denys (Belgium), Ganus Family Loft (US), Filip and Nicolas Norman (Belgium).

ØHelmut u Alfons Klaas (Germany) ranks in the 61st position. This fancier managed to breed the SAMDPR Final winners of 2007 and 2011 (in partnership Kitchenbrand Lofts), as well as the 3rd position of the SAMDPR Final in 2013 (in partnership with Team Esser). He is a world –renowned One-Day Loft contender and skilful racing pigeon breeder.

ØBreathing down the necks of the top 100 is the partnership of Hans and Evert-Jan Eijerkamp from The Netherlands, responsible for breeding the winning pigeon of the 17th SAMDPR and Mr+Mrs Clayburn from the UK, that bred the winner of the 13th SAMDPR.

ØSouth Africa also boast 11 positions within the top 100 of this category with the pigeon ‘Fantasy’ entered by the ‘’Fast & Furious Syndicate’’ showing top form ranking at the 12th position.

ØThe pigeon Birdy, bred by Willi van Beers is the SAMDPR Ace Pigeon of all times and certainly the pedigrees of this year’s top performing pigeons  will be scanned to trace her near kin within the family tree.

ØA number of competitive South African contenders that entered pigeons into the 18th SAMDPR are: Gaddin Bros and Charl Stander, Glendas Loft, Josh + Dean, G De Necker + Joe Gomes, Saville Penkin,  Kitchenbrand Loft, Loft Einkamerer, JW Le Roux, JSO King Syndicate, Poggenpoel en Seuns, Andre Carelsen, Old Boys On Tap, FW Munnik, Engelbrecht Lofts, Berghokke, Kader and Nadia Ahmed, Hattingh Family ETC

ØEntrants from Japan, Romania, Canada and China also feature within the top 100 of the SAMDPR Grand Averages. This is clear proof of the quality we are up against.

The 18th SAMDPR Car Race Averages

ØIn the lead of the current SAMDPR car race averages after completion of the 4th car race, is Abdulwahab Ali Aldahoum, from Kuwait. Once again 10 different Countries feature within the top 15 of this category.

ØTeam Sylt 2000 (Germany) owns the pigeons in the 4th and 14th positions and Richard, Friedhelm & Thomas Klein (Germany) rank in the 17th and 32nd position.

ØNotably, Koopman Racing Team (The Netherlands) and Filip and Nicolas Norman (Belgium) - owns 3 pigeons each within the top 50 of the car race averages.

Ø Filip Norman won the 12th SAMDPR, whilst Gerhard Koopman categorically managed to achieve the 2nd, 3rd and 5th positions in three different former SAMDPR Finals.

ØKarel Klemens (Czech Republic) owns two pigeons within the top 50 and one just outside the top 100. Klemens is also the winner of the 14th SAMDPR Final and scored 9th, 16th and 21st in three different SAMDPR finals.

ØKuwait owns 10 pigeons that rank within the top 100 of which Al-Abraq Loft the pigeons in the 4th and 41st positions.

ØGermany owns 30 pigeons within the top 100 of the SAMDPR Car race averages.

The first four 18th SAMDPR Hot Spot Car Race Winners are:

ØHot Spot Car Race 1 Tage Gravesen (Denmark)

ØHot Spot Car Race 2 RMC Loft (US)

ØHot Spot Car Race 3 Al-Abraq Loft (Kuwait)

ØHot Spot Car Race 4 Belgica - De Weerd

It’s a further compliment towards the overall quality of the SAMDPR pigeons that 4 different countries won the first 4 car races, congratulations!


RESUMEIn my next article we will take a closer look at all the pigeon strains and families that dominated pigeon racing in the SAMDPR. Congratulations to all the winners of the 18th SAMDPR and a great thank you for your support. A huge thank you to the SAMDPR Admin Staff and Loft Trainers – and of course the food caterers otherwise we would go hungry over the SAMDPR weekend. And to all the nervous competitions, remember its friendship what it’s all about. So, to all our SAMDPR friends & family - have a great year in 2014!!!


For Enquiries visit the Website www.scmdpr.com

or Contact the SAMPDR Office at 011 680-1118

2013 Johann Grobbelaar - Houben Pigeons Back to top
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Isn’t it amazing how certain strains just dominate certain distances? For years the Houben Dynasty dominated Middle Distance racing in Belgium, and this strain of birds ruled middle distance racing wherever they competed. Not only did they dominate from the back yards of fanciers fortunate enough to race these super birds, but also took the world by storm in One Loft Races.

We all know what the Houbens achieved at Sun City, not even to mention what Clausing accomplished with his family of Houben pigeons. Clausing dominated OLR for years, and I don’t think his feat of winning 21 out of 24 OLR (incl SCMDPR) in 2003 will ever be equaled.

But can these pigeons also dominate Middle distance racing in South Africa?

If we look at the introduction of Houben pigeons in SA, it’s evident that the results do not differ from those overseas. Some of the first fanciers to race the Houben pigeons were Nico Dreyer and Willie Steenkamp. Both dominated their respective organizations with these super birds, especially the middle distance. Nico again won the BRPF Middle Distance Averages this year.

But just to prove the dominance of these pigeons at Middle distance racing, let’s have a look at one of the biggest and strongest organizations in the country; the TRPF.

Sandton fancier, Johann Grobbelaar started collecting Houben/Clausing pigeons 5 years ago. Over the last 4 years, his results demonstrate that the Houben pigeons are superior, especially at Middle distance racing. He has won either the Single or the All bird Middle Distance TRPF Averages 3 out of the last 4 years!! What makes this achievement even more remarkable is that they are one of the most westerly lofts in the TRPF.

Another amazing quality that the Houben pigeons possess, is the rate at which they mature. At 6 months old, babies fight for top perches, chase hens and look and behave like 2 year olds. This must be why they are one of the best One Loft Racing families the world has ever seen.

To demonstrate the point of their early maturity, we only have to look at the TRPF results. Johann Grobbelaar with his Houben based family totally dominated the TRPF Young bird averages, being crowned both Single, and All bird TRPF Young Bird Champion. Scoring a whopping 826 single bird points out of a possible 1000, and 2260 all bird points in only 10 races, achieving these results in a season with predominantly westerly winds, which means these birds had the maturity, and courage to break out of the packs, as Grobbelaar lives in the west.

The results speak for itself:  JLN Houben created one of the best strains of pigeons the world has ever seen; arguably the best Middle distance strain the world has ever seen.

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Fanie Burgers and his two sons, Stefan and Ruan, own and run a highly successful transport company. They are also passionate pigeon fanciers, and they have had great success during the 2013 season after a number of years out of this sport. They only flew with youngsters where they did extremely well in the yearling competition that also went well in the open division.


Fanie approached Exclusive Pigeons to assist him in acquiring the best birds possible to make a great impression in his first year back in the sport, after seven years out of the pigeon game.

He bought 20 babies from Ferdie Coetzer of which 6 went on to win. One of the pigeons became a 3 time winner.

The above bred babies were all out of the Coetzer and Oerlemans famous Blou Bul line. He also bought some stock pigeons from Johan and Mark King, which included a cock out of the Chipo line, and a hen out of the Vandenabeele pigeons.

Especially the Vandenabeele hen crossed with a Blou Bul cock, bred exceptionally well to the extent that 4 out of the 6 babies bred raced well, and one was a winner.

His overall best youngster was a 3 time winner, bred by Ferdie Coetzer, and is a Lou Wouter/Blou Bul crossing.



He only flew until the middle distances, and up until then he dominated all the points categories in his club, resulting in 14 club winners for this season. In itself that is a magnificent achievement.

Fanie attributes his success to the fact that he does everything correct the first time. If you look at the way his neat loft is constructed, and managed, you can see that you don’t need to keep a lot of pigeons but stick to quality.



He’s also a believer in the modern way of racing pigeons. He tosses his birds 60KM’s Monday to Thursday, and he makes use of a preventative medicinal program.

This is how he ended in various points competitions in the PWDU:




Exclusive Pigeons wants to congratulate Fanie and his family on a great season, and wish him all the best for 2014.

We would also like to extend our gratuity to him and his family for being so hospitable when we visit them.

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Gyselbrecht Auction. 17 November 2013 Follow the link below to view sales catalogue
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Chris Zwarts Pretoria based fancier has a 'click pair' of pigeons that produced 22 winners over the last 4 years. Chris was looking to lift the standard of his loft and to go to the next level. He approached Ferdie Coetzer of Exclusive Pigeons who introduced him to the famous Blou Bul pigeons. It was a highly successful combination between his proven family and the Blou Bul line. All of as sudden he started winning races by 13 minutes, which never happened before. This is just another example of the famous Blou Bul factor. If you want to improve your loft, it is a great way to reach easy success. This is what Chris Zwarts has to say about the influence of the the Blou Bul in his loft.

Left Ferdie Coetzer, and right Chris Zwarts


Hallo Ferdie,

2013 is op die rug gekeer en graag wil ek jou bietjie oorsigtelik vertel van my hoogte punte. Soos jy bewus is het my kliekpaar se kinders feitlik almal in die broei hok beland. Die Kliek paar lewer  vir my in vier jaar 28 wenne, net soveel  tweedes en derdes, m.a.w. dit is n super uitstekende paar duiwe.

Die mannetjie, gekoop by Johan King ex Johan Schmidt is n Wouters/Spritzy en die hen is geteel uit my ou D 311 witvlerk familie.  Hierdie paar het behalwe bogenoemde prestasies ook 3 kinders opgelewer wat vir 4 jaar na mekaar die algeheel beste duiwe was in Vere Wes Klub. Die heel beste uit die paar is sekerlik PWF 37445/08. Sy wen 6 keer, is ook 3 keer tweede en ook 3 keer derde, sy is ook 2 keer in n ry die algehele beste duif in Verre Wes Klub.

 Met die resultate wat ek met teling uit hierdie kliekpaar se kinders in my broei hok gekry het, het ek geweet ek is op die regte pad.Tog het ek geweet ek moet nou probeer om duiwe te vind wat met my kliekpaar duiwe gekruis, my hok kon verbeter.Ek het heelwat navorsing gedoen,en besluit om my tot jou te wend.Ek het geweet dat Johan Schmidt se Wouters/Spritzy/Blou Bul telings uitstekend was en het besluit dit is die rigting om in te slaan.Ek het dus n paar van jou  Blou Bul afstammelinge gekoop en besluit om hulle met my Kliekpaar se kinders te kruis.Dit het vir my voorwaar die gewenste uitwerking gebied want dit lewer vir my baie goeie resultate.Graag noem ek enkele van die hoogtepunte:

PWF 2863 / 12 : Vlieg  : 4 , 2 , 7 , 1 , 1 , 7 , 7  en word in die stoethok geplaas.Sy wen die Combine vanaf Verkeerde Vlei  teen 2422 duiwe.Sy is die beste jaaroud en kortpad duif  en algehele 2de beste duif in Eureka Klub, ook is sy die beste jaar oud duif en die Federasie,  2de beste kortpad duif  in die Federasie en eindig ook algeheel  die 6de besteiduif in die Federasie.Sy was ook  die 4de beste jaaroud duif in die Combine en op die kortpad die 4de beste duif in die Pretoria Combine. Briljant met my swak weste hok posisie in ag genome.

Bg. se vol suster PWF 2888 / 12 is ook n dubbel  wenner, sy was in 2012 as “late bred “een van die top duiwe in Eureke Klub . Sy was en 2012 en 2013 feitlik elke keer in die klok wanneer sy deel geneem het.  Bg. 2 duiwe was geteel  uit my  41040 / 09 (kliekpaar seun) en  02033 / 08 (Blou Bul afstammeling wat ek by jou gekoop het).Die paar het ook ander duiwe opgelewer wat vir my goeie prestasies behaal het.

Unrung Cock - Grandson Spritzy
Bred and owned by Ferdie Coetzer
He is grandsire of PWF 2863/12 and PWF 2888/12

Daughter to Unrung Cock. Dam to double winner as well as Combine winner Chris Zwarts.

Super breeding son out of Chris Zwart's click pair.



Ek wil ook verwys na  28897 / 10 (klein seun van Blou Bul ) gekruis met PWF 37455 / 08 (die super dogter uit my kliekpaar.)Van hulle kinders doen as volg:

D 7019 / 11 Briljante vlieer in 2012, wenner en telkens voor wanneer sy gemandjie is, ook 3de in Federasie Breederstakes en eindig algeheel 2de beste duif in Eureka Klub in 2012.Reeds onttrek vir teel doeleindes.

D 5109 / 11 Konstante goeie vlieer, vlieg 3de in Federasie se Duur Ringe Skema. Reeds onttrek vir teel doeleindes.

D 0083 / 12 en D 0084/12 Beide uiters konstant en elke keer in die klok wanneer gemandjie.

D 1100 / 12 Top vlieer een van die bestes in klub en Federasie. Vlieg onder andere 2de in Klub en Federasie en die Combine vanaf Verkeerde Vlei. (2422 duiwe, geklop deur hokmaat,stap 2de oor trap)

D 1807 / 12 Wen die Derby met 4de in Federasie, met nog 3 plekke onder voorstes, briljante duif.


Grandson Blou Bul


Die beste vir die jaar was egter D 2876 / 12. Sy vlieg vanjaar:  8 , 4 , 3 , 8 , 1 , 1 , 6 en word toe in die stoet hok geplaas.Sy is die ACE duif in die Klub, Federasie en Combine op die middel afstande.Sy is ook die algehele 2de beste duif in Eureka Klub en die 4de algehele beste duif in die Federasie.Sy is geteel uit n seun van my kliekpaar wat ek terug geteel het met sy ma se halfsuster, maw. lynteelt terug na my  super D 311. mannetjie.Ek kan nie wag om te resultaat te sien wanneer ek haar met n top afstammeling van die Blou Bul paar nie.


Super breeder for Chris Zwarts

Super breeder for Chris Zwarts


Van die ander duiwe wat van jou bekom is , en wat ek met my duiwe gekruis het,  het ook puik duiwe gelewer  met baie goeie pretasies.Daar was te veel wat top prestasies gelewer het om almal en alles op te noem in die spasie.Die proefneming om by jou van die Blou Bul afstammelinge te koop en met my familie te kruis was vir my uiters suksesvol en het beslis my hok standaard baie verbeter.

Dit het my in staat gestel om op klub vlak met 14 deelnemers al die verskillende kompetisies te wen behalwe die langpad waar ek 2de was.Ook op Federasie vlak met 96 deelnemers was ek onder die voorstes  in al die verskillende kompetisies en het ek algeheel  4de ge eindig. Ook in die Combine met meer as 200 deelnemers kon ek ten spyte van my swak weste hok posisie 14de algeheel eindig.

Ek weet dat dit vorentoe net nog beter kan gaan want deur streng seleksie en slegs van die heel bestes te teel , gaan my duiwe in die toekoms nog beter presteer.Baie dankie vir die duiwe wat ek van jou bekom het, die impak op my hok is duidelik en geniet ek die duiwesport nog net so baie soos 39 jaar gelede toe ek in 1974 as skoolseun begin het.



Chris Zwarts


The Exclusive Pigeons team would like to congratulate Chris on a great season, and we want to thank him for his honest feedback.

Chris can be reached at 082 689 6567

Ferdie Coetzer - 082 736 8742

2013 Exclsuive Pigeons Success Story - Jacques Oosthuiz Back to top
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Exclusive Pigeons would like to congratulate Jacques Oosthuizen and family, on receiving the award for best pigeon in the PWDF. This is an outstanding achievement, and a really great pigeon (ZAPWF 7624/12).



There is a wonderful story about this pigeon and his family. It all started four years ago, when Pretoria based fancier, Piet Swanepoel, asked Ferdie Coetzer to assist him in creating a champion pigeon family.

Piet bought a few pairs from Ferdie, which he had great success with, but he was given 01/3970 as a present by Ferdie Coetzer.

3970 Was a direct daughter of Ferdie Coetzer's car winner THU 98/14899, and also the best young bird on federation level.

Mated to a Blou Bul cock ZAPRDK 06/1497, they bred Piet Swanepoel an outstanding pigeon ZA10/01603. When ZA 10/01603 was mated to a Koopman hen, BELG BE 09/2130253, they bred Piet Swanepoel a combine winner ZA 11D/5167.

What makes very special is the fact that it's Piet Swanepoel's very first combine win, which is a major achievement.

The story even gets better, because ZA 11D/5167 bred the best bird in the federation ZA PWF 7624/12 in 2013. So in the same year the sire won the combine and produced the best bird on federation level. Can you ask for better!



The above mentioned story states the fact that you must always persue the golden winning bloodlines in pigeons. The Blou Bul pigeons once again proved that they are second to none if you are looking for cross material.

From the Exclusive Pigeons team we would like to congratulate Jacques Oosthuizen, and his partnets Hannes de Beer and Piet Swanepoel on their great season.

From left Hannes de Beer, Jacques Oosthuizen, Ferdie Coetzer and Piet Swanepoel


2013 Schmidt & Bouwer auction of 35 top birds in Kimber Back to top
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The combination of Schmidt & Bouwer must arguably be the best pigeon racing loft currently in South Africa. Over the years these two gentlemen have proved that they know how to win races amongst big competition.They own a five star stock loft filled with the best bloodlines from Belgium crossed with their well known Spritzy-Lou Wouter family of pigeons.They have taken pigeon racing to the next level this past season. There own record was broken in the all bird points which just illustrates how strong their loft of pigeons are. There is no need to write pages full of references for people who had success with this prepotent bloodline of theirs. Very strong selection together with a well ventilated loft filled with super pigeons makes them very tough competitors. Add also that they have been tested on numerous occasions and have never been positive. The birds in this auction have all of their best stock birds blue blood in their veins. An opportunity surely not to be missed.

Schmidt and Bouwer Auction

SALE DATE : 16NOV 2013

Viewing 9:00 – 11:30

Time 11:30

Venue: 5 Petrus Street, Hillcrest, Kimberley

Johan :082 898 7889

Roland : 082 949 2151

It is an honour for Johan and Roland to have a sale with this quality of pigeons in Kimberley. The pigeons on sale helped us to become the 2013 champions of the TRPF.

Setting new records and standards for fanciers to achieve in the years to come. We won the single bird points with a total of 3115 points and the all birds to count with an unbelievable total of 11437 points. Breaking our past record we won 5 FED’s this year 2013 and 4 FED wins with nine  2nd FED’s 2012.

To achieve these performances you must have quality pigeons!! Unfortunately we cannot put every pigeon in the stock loft. We sincerely hope that the pigeons that are on offer will lift the pigeon sport and help to better the results of the lofts of the new owners.


2013 TRPF Averages

Short Distance  2nd

Middle Distance 1st

Long Distance 1st

Classic Averages 1st

All birds to count 1st

Single bird Champions TRPF 1st

2013 National Loft South winner!! Back to top
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Congratulations to Jaques Poggenpoel and family on winning the National Loft South! the pigeon that won has been bred out of Coetzer/Oerlemans ''Bakkie Pair'' crossed with a pigeon that was given to him as a gift by Exclusive Pigeons. Well done!

The Cock I bought on exclusive Pigeon Auction ZA 28926-10 out of 

your super birds bred so far.


1. ZA 0818-13 (Espresso)

1st Malmesbury Sanpo National Loft South 2013 (R100 000 price money)

Sire:ZA 28926-10 (Coetzer and Oerlemans)

Dam: ZA 24680-10 (Free Gift From Eclusive Auction Sablon/Aelbrecht)


2. PSWU 03456 - 12 (Wag n Bietjie Full Sister to Espresso 1st Sanpo South)

60th Malmesbury Sanpo National Loft South 2013

Sire:ZA 28926-10 (Coetzer and Oerlemans)

Dam: ZA 24680-10 (Free Gift From Eclusive Auction Sablon/Aelbrecht)

This hen ZA 24680-10 (Free Gift From Eclusive Pigeon Auction Sablon/Aelbrecht)

Is Dam to:

NOK 0808 - 11 (High Power)

She competed at Central Provincial Lofts 2012 youngbird Series

23th Prince Albert 600km Super Turbo Race

She competed at Central Provincial Lofts 2013 Old Bird Series

1st Hanover Hotspot2 (Winning R2000)

12th Final Race and 16th Ace overall


3. ZA 78409-10  competed only 3times in Club (We Rung him with and old ring and he competed in Old Bird Series)

4th Club Worcester

5th Club Kraaifontein

9th Club Laingsburg

He was always the 1st bird from the Britstown training toss in our loft

He was moved to the stock loft.

Sire:ZA 28926-10 (Coetzer and Oerlemans)

Dam: Granddaugther Birdy 1Ace Scmdpr


4. Colesberg 1075-11 (Waagmoed)

62nd Kraaifontein Sanpo South 2012

Sire:ZA 28926-10 (Coetzer and Oerlemans)

Dam: ZA 45394 (Gavin Rous Granddaughter egg the Egg cock)


2013 BERTUS NEL - Super Result! Check out his auction c Back to top
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Good results for Bertus Nel with Vandeabeele Pigeon.

Gaby Vandenabeele birds bred by Bertus Nel won the following positions in the three longest races at National Loft South 2013.

Benzing Clock race
Date: 11 September 2013

Race point: Laingsburg 446km
Birds in race: 481
Wind: headwind
Velocity: 1228mpm

Positions: 6,8,11,13,18,20,21,29,31,38,etc. First 21 birds were clocked in 54 seconds.

Bakkie Race

Date: 25 September 2013

Race point: De Doorns 557km
Birds in race: 439
Wind: tailwind
Velocity: 1688mpm

Positions: 1,22,23,48,59,60,68,73,92,etc. The winner GOLDIE won the race by 80mpm. The mother of RIP that won 5th for Greg Rippon and the father of AIRWOLF that won 7th for Dirk van Rooyen were bred by Bertus from his Vandenabeeles.


R100 000 Main Race

Date: 9 October 2013

Race point: Malmesbury 630km
Birds in race: 399
Wind: headwind
Velocity: 1235mpm
Positions: 8,9,35,44,49,52,57,etc. First 9 birds were clocked in 1 minute 22 seconds.

2013 New GPU Champion - Egbert O'Kelly Back to top
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Congratulations to the new GPU Champions 2013 OUT OF AFRICA LOFTS

Out of Africa Lofts , Overall Champions GPU 2013

GPU Old and Young Bird Series
Old Bird Series

1st Old Bird Series GPU 2013
2nd Ace Pigeon Old Bird Series GPU 2013

Young Bird Series

2nd Young Bird Series GPU 2013
1st, 3rd, 8th & 9th  Baby Sales Race Winners 2013
5th Expensive Ring Race Winners 2013
1st Ace Pigeon Short Distance, 6th Overall Young Bird Series GPU 2013

Long Distance Champions GPU 2013

Overall Champions GPU 2013

GRPA Old and Young Bird Series
6th Overall GRPA Young Bird Series 2013

1st Ace Pigeon Middle Distance 2013
Top 10 Old Bird Series 2013-Awaiting official results.

One Loft Races 2013
2nd Club Competition breeder 2013
2nd & 3rd Carnival City Final Race 2013
1st Klapmuts Final Race Western Cape 2013


2013 Champion Gauteng Racing Pigeon Fancier Joe Lemos r Back to top
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Champion Gauteng Racing Pigeon Fancier Joe Lemos relocating

By Thomas Smit




Congratulations to top Transvaal Racing Pigeon Federation member, Joe Lemos, his total turnover for his pigeon auction held on the 12th of October was just short of R445, 000-00. If you wish to study the gene pool of this outstanding pigeon family,  a full sales listing can be obtained from John v d Bos by emailing John at pigeons@dinkum.co.za <mailto:pigeons@dinkum.co.za


Joe Relocating

After first having had to lessen the numbers of his pigeons in a smaller auction in 2006, as Joe and his life partner Isana, had plans to relocate and retire at Mossel Bay,  the time has actually arrived and the bulk of his pigeons were auctioned off at the venue of the Alberton Homing Society. Joe’s contribution to the sport as a competitive member and leader will be missed by all and we wish him and his life partner, Isana, well with their new journey and that their future will be bestowed with the best blessings from the throne room of God and that His angels will take good care of them.

About Joe Lemos

Having joined the sport in 1980, Joe Lemos is no stranger in the World of Pigeon Racing, often winning the Points League Championships of the pigeon Clubs he competes in- of late, the South Westerns Homing Society, one of the 15 Pigeon Clubs that jointly forms the Transvaal Racing Pigeon Federation. Since I met Joe in the late 1990’s he was always on the hunt for top quality pigeon stock, often going to great expense to purchase top genetics at the pigeon sales.  Prior to Joe switching membership, from the now defunct Johannesburg Racing Pigeon Club, to join SWHS, I competed in partnership with Attie Jackson against Joe in 1997 / 1998. Week after week the entire JRPC Club could not decide the winning pigeon at strike-out, until Joe’s Clocking times were first read. Joe went the extra mile to train and properly motivate his pigeons to get the best out of them on the results sheets. Apart from being professionally competitive, Joe dearly loves his pigeons which can be seen in the immaculate state of his loft conditions and personalized pigeon care and individual attention to data with the help of his loft attendant, Portia. In the presentation of Joe’s auction catalogue the Club Race Secretary, Willie Bouwer and head trainer of the SAMDPR, Corrie Naude, both commend Joe on his outstanding achievements at the highest level of competition.  On Club Management level Joe often held the Office of Chairman or Vice-Chairman and he will be remembered in my books as a fair leader that never used a single swearword and treated his fellow members with respect.

Joe’s Pigeons & Performance Highlights

Amongst others, Joe accredits his overall success in pigeon racing to the high quality pigeon stock periodically acquired from: Roland Bouwer, Johan Schmidt, Terry Connolly, Brand Wepener, Walter Dinwoodie, Sunday Monteiro and Alf Haupt etc.   Prior to his selected auction in 2006, Joe has won the Points League Averages of his Club 5 times in 8 years, scoring 4 x’s within the top 10 TRPF Points League Championships accolades in the same period.   Commencing pigeon racing with only the race pigeon’s left after his 2006 auction; Joe managed to win the Title of Club- and Division Champion, which includes winning the single- and all birds to count averages over the short-, middle- and long distances!  To this day, Joe holds the South African record in winning R365, 000-00 and again R220, 000-00 on prestigious ‘money’ races from one loft,  over two consecutive weekends,  competing against the ‘royalty’ of the Transvaal Racing Pigeon Federation and Transvaal Homing Union. In 2007 Joe timed in 5 Club Winners and 9 Club winners in 2008.  An extra-ordinary  performance highlights includes winning the TRPF prestigious Cradock Championship race with a winning margin of 18 minutes in front of the 2nd pigeon.  In the years of 2010, 2011 and 2012 Joe managed again to win the Title of Club- and Division Champion, again winning the single- and all birds to count averages over the short-, middle- and long distances!  On Federation level during the same period Joe consecutively scored 7th, 9th and 6th – thuds 3 xs within the top 10!  In 2013, not participating in all the race events, and despite having withdrawn a number of key pigeons from the race team, Joe still managed to end up in 7th position of the TRPF Poi8nts League Averages.  Another highlight Joe will indeed remember is winning 1st and 4th Hot Spot at the SAMDPR – a performance not many SA fanciers could manage to repeat!!

Pigeons from the Spritzy lines take most of the honour that contributed to Joe’s 12 Federation wins and countless Club and Division wins over the years. The introduction of Sunday Monteiro’s Tom Lock and Eijerkamp – Janssens (Gold Rush) and Klosterman –Wouters bloodlines has added to the winning genetic package of Joe’s Janssens/ Wouters/ and Van Rhyn Kloecks.  Other key pigeons amongst the foundation pigeons include pigeons from the De Norre and Gold Medal De Vos bloodline. All in all high-class winning genetics indeed!

About Lot 41 ‘Jewel’

A guest of honour at Joe’s Auction must be a fine Blue Hen, Lot 41 that Auctioned for R24, 500-00. He ‘correctly’ referred to her as, eye, body, and brains – a perfect specimen that scored 3x Club 1st and numerous times on Federation level. Her pedigree holds the genetic summary of the best South African super racers and breeders’ money can buy. In Europe pigeons of this calibre will be worth a fortune in currency! She is living proof of Joe’s discipline in skilful pigeon breeding, and besides Lot 41 there are other superstars too – well done Joe!

2013 Racing Pigeons - The X-Factors whitin the winning Back to top
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Racing Pigeons – The X-Factors within a Winning Circle

By Thomas Smit


The X-Factors in Racing Pigeon Breeding

If one has to plan how to get to point B departing from point A, the clever starting point will be to establish where you are now, in other words what is the ‘GPS’ position of point A. Only when we know where we are on the road map will we be able to figure out which way to travel to get to our destination. Should point B be far away we will also make preparations needed for the length of the Journey. Now for the purpose of this exercise let’s assume that breeding high-class racing pigeons equals travelling to point x. Since point x in this instance is not a place, but a combination of qualities we desire to secure in our pigeon stock, we will refer to these desired qualities as the X-Factors. We all know that the external or visible features (good or bad), are called the phenotype and the invisible or hidden features are called the genotype. Whilst everything on the outside is determined by what’s on the inside, the genotype should therefore be all imported. However, one should not entirely ignore the visible features as it’s the way it is as a result of the make-up of the genetic composition.

But the question still is how are we going to get to the X-Factors and what are they?

Showing versus Sporting Assessment

The physical evaluation of our pigeons in the show pen will provide the total points score based on its desired physical attributes. Our highest points scoring champions in the Show pen can be the lowest achievers in active Pigeon Racing Competition. In contrast some of our lowest points scoring Show recipients may be the better achievers as capable racers in active competition. Since we are going to need to design a strategy how to breed high-class racing pigeons for its sporting value within a winning collection, and the Show pen often fails to correctly hand-select the super racers and super breeders, the question to ask is how are we going to move forward between the controversial worlds of hand-selection and a unstable gene pool? The answer will be to determine a value system of the x-factors that we need to aim for in our selection criteria within our breeding plan and attempt to genetically fix that within a Winning Circle Collection.

The Value of Active Progeny Testing

Should active progeny testing be done to rate the success of our breeding experimentation, we will quickly find the pigeons capable of racing at the front. Yet, more often than not fanciers accidentally discover a super breeder from the poorer performance groups, whilst many a champion racer fails to breed its like again. Sometimes the desired quality fails to show in one generation and re-surface in another. We do not know when or why in our past experiences Mother Nature played this give-and-take game and it is therefore a challenge to minimize our risks. For this reason progeny testing done as an isolated guide within our selection criteria may not provide the answer to acquire the X-Factors, but rather an indicator that the qualities we seek to breed for are either present or amiss in a certain generation, but can be different in another – so how do we move ahead? Use multiple performance pigeons that show a high hit-rate of success within most generations of the family tree. Don’t rely on exceptions.  

The X-Factors versus true to Type

The X-Factors as a desired composition of high-quality should be examined in a way that our formula stay objective towards the true to type features of the different racing pigeon families. For example if we are going to insist that our quality gene pool should be imbedded within the perfect show type one will be confronted with the undisputed fact that there are high-quality performing pigeon families that will mostly fail at the Show Pen. Winning pigeons come in all shapes and sizes and it’s particularly the criteria of size that may be much larger in one winning family and much smaller in another. 


What are the X-Factors in Racing Pigeon Breeding?

Let’s attempt to briefly summarize a number of the desired compositions within the X-Factors in Pigeon Racing:

A.   Superior Health– superior health is found within a strong immune system which is a special challenge in our modern society to maintain due to the abuse & incorrect use of drugs. The Global surface of different forms of viral infections is not particularly helpful either. Many pigeon diseases can be successfully overcome in a clinical manner with regular routine treatment, but if one found the pigeons to become ill when you skip a tablet the health state of your flock is genetically compromised in artificially maintaining a health condition which may break down entirely when the continuous cycle of administrating medications and pro-biotics is terminated. I do not however advise that one should neglect the necessary administration of routine treatment. Nonetheless the domestication of the species has not entirely ruled out the law of the survival of the fittest. How often have we found that amongst a flock of ill-fallen pigeons there is that one specimen that is the least effected. An extra-ordinary high immune system is that one X-Factor that will give any pigeon loft in the world an edge above all else! Select for it!

B.   Extra-ordinary Direction finding ability – Pigeons are flock bound and direction finding is developed as a racing pigeon matures, for this reason we are patient with our young pigeons and road train them in little packs of three or single-up on short road training flights to teach them to think. But it is a known fact that once we pass the 600 km’ racing mark many of the earlier winners do not know anymore which way home is and become followers in the pack or ultimately stray when the packs break up. Therefore it’s wise to focus your breeding plan on a few foundation pigeons with a high performance hit-rate on the middle and long distance

C.   Staying PowerIt’s a controversial pointbecause we need a certain amount of stamina to maintain high speed, but ensure that your X-Factor for stamina is bred into the flock to compliment your speed machines – especially the ability to handle heat as this is when many pigeons cannot carry on.

D.  The Will to Win – The Will to win is always present within a pigeon of strong character and fighting spirit for which shy and nervous pigeons run away inside the loft. Pigeons with a strong will to win are also territorial and hard to beat when they come into form during race training. This X-Factor is found with a winning family, stay with them!

E.   Early Maturity – It’s a European trend that’s first being neglected in SA, but with the influx of a large number of European stock we are giving this matter some attention, yet not enough. We cannot wait for our pigeons to take 2 to 3 years before they become competitive.

F.   Dominant Hereditary Transmitters - There are still too few Dominant Hereditary Transmitters and too many low performing breeders in weak competition in many of our SA pedigrees and for this reason fanciers have to raise a large number of youngsters to find a few top performers in which case the word few is an overstatement! All the desired qualities within the X-Factor are found within this criterion, without it you are an underperforming pigeon fancier. To Study pedigrees is helpful, but become more disciplined in your selection of superior stock material – it’s all about the X-Factors!

2013 Blou Bul Collection Auction - Ferdie Coetzer Back to top
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Due to popular demand I decided to make available 25 exclusive bred babies, out of the famous Blou Bul line. Babies out of my Lou Wouter and the legendary Spritzy line will also be on sale

Production Auction / Blou Bul Collection - Ferdie Coetzer


Since I bought Blou Bul on the "Millennium Sale of World Class Pigeons" I have had spectacular success with these pigeons.

I decided not to focus on my own achievements, as it can be perceived as subjective. The emphasis will be on fanciers that obtained these birds from my loft.

It is important to me to pay tribute to champion fancier, Johan Schmidt. I was fortunate to meet him early in my racing career. He has not only sold me the best pigeons, but taught me some invaluable lessons.

The single most important piece of advise he gave me, was to never complain about position, but to obtain pigeons that can win anywhere. In later years his words proved to be very true.

Johan has devoted 20 years of his life building the Spritzy collection through strict selection.

In my opinion it is the best family of pigeons the Republic of South Africa has ever seen.

I base my statement on the fact that these pigeons have won all over the country, and have the ability to keep on producing champions.

This is some of the wonderful feedback from fanciers whom had great success with my pigeons:

Lee Kruger

Just a quick email to thank you for the exceptional quality of birds you sold me, as well as

to give you some feedback on the 2 birds I purchased from you late last year.


The hen -  ZA 2010 28936 BC Pied (Out of 1280c and 590h)

I paired this hen to a Gavin Rous cock and regrettably only bred two babies.

If I didn’t race them, they were my first toss birds… every week without fail.


The first baby (GPU 2012 01831) flew the following positions in the strong Edenvale club (22 members)

which is part of the TRPF (+/- 200 members). She is currently 2nd best bird in the club by  3 points.

She is the best baby in the club by over 30 points….

I have stopped racing her for this year, so these TRPF results are only up to and including week 11.






Winburg 1 YB




Winburg 2 YB




Bloemfontein 1 YB




Jamestown 1 YB




Noupoort 2





The nest mate (GPU 2012 01832) flew the following good TRPF position-






Springfontein 2





The cock -  ZA 2010 1116 BB (Out of the ‘Un-rung cock and 1179h)


Also regrettably only bred a few babies from him, with a hen from Rob Watson / Gavin Rous.

So far up –to and including the 11th week of racing the babies have flown the following TRPF positions:-


Ring Number





GPU 2012 01821

Winburg 1 YB




GPU 2012 01821

Dewetsdorp 1 YB




GPU 2012 01817

Dewetsdorp 1 YB




GPU 2012 01817

Bloemfontein 2 Y




GPU 2012 01841

Trompsburg 1 YB




GPU 2012 01821

Trompsburg 1 YB




GPU 2012 01817

Trompsburg 1 YB




GPU 2012 01817

Jamestown 1 OB





These few babies bred from your high quality pigeons helped me to win the Edenvale club - Young bird averages for 2013.

From a fancier who only previously really excelled at the long distance, bringing in this blood proved it was the pigeons – not loft that needed changing.

Next year all expensive rings will be out of these pairings…..


Thanks again,

Lee Kruger

Peet Germishuizen


Goeie dag aan al julle mede duiwe boere; ek wil net paar woorde oor Ferdie se duiwe spreek.

Ek het 6 jaar terug by Ferdie 2 wyfies aangekoop. Die een was geteel soos die 01/1280 cock nl. Blou Bul Star Eyes met Blou Bul x inbred gold medal.

Net soos Johan Schmidt se bekende W/F Cock.

Die eerste duif, 05/418, suster van 01/1280 het vir my ‘n dubbel pontoon wenner Victoria Wes en Drie Susters geteel.

Die tweede hen, 05/419, het my Bar ring wenner op die kar wedvlug van Richmond geteël, en was een van die enigste twee duiwe op die dag terug.

Die duiwe het my gehelp om die Unie langpad punte met rekord getal te wen, en so ook die laaste vyf jaar in die top tien in die unie punte te ending.

Julle vriend in duiwe,

Peet Germishuizen


Chris Zwarts


Feitlik nog n duiwe seisoen is verby.

Die tyd stap ongelooflik vinnig verby.

Graag wil ek jou bietjie terugvoering gee tov die paar duifies wat ek verlede jaar by jou gekoop het.

Aaangesien ek nSPRITZY/WOUTERS kliekpaar besit , het ek spesifiek BLOUBUL duiwe by jou gekoop.

Terloops my Kliekpaar het in in 4 seisoene 28 wenne vir my opgelewer.

Spritzy en Bloubul was broer en suster en daarom dan dat ek hulle nasate met mekaar teel.

Ongelukkig was dit reeds baie laat in die teel seisoen,  maar nietemin die volgende uit myne gekruis met joune.

Wen derde in die Federasie se dertig duur ring verkoping.

Wen met n ander een D 7019 ook derde in die Federasie se 50 Breederstakes Ringe.

Sy is tans ook die tweede beste taar oud duif in ons klub, onser andere met uitstekende posisies behaal.

PWF 2888 vlieg n 4DE,3DE en ook 1ste met 13 minute,slegs een geteel.

Uitstekend vir die enkele duifies uit die kruisings geteel.

Nogmaals baie dankie,

Ek sien baie uit na die toekoms met hierdie BLOUBUL/SPRITZY/WOUTERS familie



Chris Zwarts

Fanie Burgers

Fanie Burgers bought 20 babies from me during 2012, and 6 of them went on to win races for him in Pretoria.

One of them, ZA 12/16201, is a 3 time winner. ZA 12/16204 is a 2 time winner.

Fanie ended in 4th position overall in the Pretoria Union, in the Young Bird Series. And also 7th overall in the Union on the short distance.

This is truly a great comeback for a fancier that hasn’t been flying pigeons for the last 12 years.

Monty Schmidt

Monty got a son out of our famous 01/1280, which he named the “Secret Weapon” due to the fact that it was a super champion in the race and breeding loft.


Dr. AM Breytenbach

Dr. Breytenbach is a champion fancier based in Pretoria, and the Blou Bul pigeons obtained from me made an immediate impact in his loft, and produced many winners as well as best birds.


Piet Swanepoel

Piet Swanepoel is also based in Pretoria, and approached me 3 years ago, to help him build a competitive family of pigeons.

He got rid of all his existing birds and replaced them with my Blou Bul family.

In the next 2 years he made the top 20 in the Pretoria Combine Young Bird Series, winning his first federation by 5 minutes, and during 2013 he won his first combine with a grandchild of 01/1280.


Johan Boonzaaier

Ek het nie gedink toe ek n paar jong duiwe vir stoet by jou aangeskaf het dat ek onmiddelik sulke goeie resultate sou behaal nie.Jou duiwe het dadelik geclick met wat ookal ek hulle gepaar het.
2 nesmaats 12-19624 en 12-19625 teel ek elkeen net 2 kuikens van.
19624 teel vir 6682 sy vlieg;
4de Kakamas
5de Kakamas
10de Bladgrond
11de Pofadder
Sy eindig as die6de beste J/O duif in die klub.
19625 teel vir 6672 sy vlieg;
4de Bladgrond
21tse Olifantshoek
ek het haar agv penne net 3 keer gevlieg.
Nog n baie besonderse duif is 12-19627.hy is ingeteel na brahman en hoewel ek hom eers in Januarie vanjaar kon paar,teel hy vir my 2 baie goeie jonges.
6659 vlieg;
7de Upington
8ste Upington
11de Olifantshoek
Sy eindig as die 8ste beste kortpad duif in die klub.
6690 wen vir my bladgrond.
Dan is daar nog 12-19623 wat se kinders vir my soos volg presteer.
6654 vlieg;
6de Upington
7de Kakamas
11de Bladgrond
6669 vlieg;
13de Pofadder
15de Kakamas
25ste Kakamas
28ste Bladgrond
12de Olifanshoek
6652 vlieg;
9de Bladgrond
30ste Aggeneys
6655 vlieg;
9de Aggeneys
27ste Pofadder
35ste Bladgrond
35ste Bladgrond
En dan is daar nog 5420 wat se dogter vir my 2 vlugte wen en as die 2de beste J/O duif in die klub eindig.
Dankie vir die top duiwe en earlike advise wat jy altyd met my deel.
Groete Johann Boonzaaier

Children and grand children out of the following birds will be on sale from Monday, 9 September 2013

Unrung Cock - Grandson Spritzy

Son - Blou Bul

Son of Spritzy

Daughter 01/1280 - Victoria

Tom Lock / Van Riel
Champion flyer and breeder

Daughter / Blou Bul Junior White Flight Cock - Johan Schmidt

Grand Daughter Spritzy

Daughter Unrung Cock

Son 6941/00

Son 6941/00

Son 6941/00

Grandson Spritzy

Grand Daughter Spritzy

Sister 01/1280

Sister 01/1280

Grandson Lot 100 - Wit Oog Lou Wouter


Daughter 01/1280

Grandson Blou Bul - Federation Winner

Lou Wouter Cock

Sister to Dinokeng Ace Bird - Marissa
Grand Daughter 01/1280



In conclusion I would like to say that the Blou Bul pigeons make pigeons racing easy and fun.

They have the habit of winning at the hIghest level. A good example is the 5 wins I flew in Crusaders during 2007, three of which were combine wins.

The combine wins were over the short, middle and long distances against the likes of Andre Carelse, Dean Jooste, Johan and Mark King, oos Jonck, Charl Stander and AB Carelsen.

The combination, Coetzer and Oerlemans, has done excpetionally well in one loft racing over the past 4 years. During the first year of Dinokeng we had an ace pigeon, Marissa, and she ended 7th in the main event. She was sold for R 48 500 to R. Heubsch.

During 2012 our pigeon Seven Eleven led the grand averages up until the main event at Dinokeng.

In 2013 our pigeon Spikkels ended 6th in the main event, and 2nd in the grand averages. We also had the ace pigeon during the first year of SAPIR Lofts, Something Splendid, who also ended 13th in the main event.

During 2012 our Pigeon Celeste came 4th in the final event of SAPIR.

Eddie Reynders and Gustav Umberti flew 2 top ten positions main event Dinokeng 2012 and 2013 with our Blou Bul pigeons.



Ferdie Coetzer
Cell: 082 736 8742


2013 NJ & JB Grobbelaar TRPF young bird champions. Back to top
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Congratulations to the father & son combination who won the prestigious young bird averages in the strong TRPF. They were competing against the likes of Schmidt & Bouwer, Kitchenbrand lofts, Arnold Morey, Gys Louw, Corrie Naude etc.


SINGLE BIRD AVERAGES                                                                                ALL BIRD AVERAGES



























































































2013 Alwyn Bester winner 3 bird competition @ Dinokeng Back to top
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Alwyn Bester performed very well by winning the 3 bird competition @ Dinokeng lofts. His birds Kiki, Zulika & Christien repectively came 7th, 32nd & 45th. Christien also flew 5th on the last hotspot from Trompsburg. He invested a lot of money over the last year and it is paying dividends of late. Most recent purchase 'Mugabe' but he also owns some of the best Schroyens, Locks, Bloem pair, Wouter, Aelbrecht etc. Hand selected youngsters and family of these 3 super performers at Dinokeng will soon be auctioned on our website.
2013 Nico Dreyer king of the middle distance in Bloemfo Back to top
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Nico Dreyer rekwnowned for his super Houben family of pigeons won the middle distance averages in Bloemfontein this past weekend. Nico started racing again in 2011 after a short lay off and a record auction. In no time he had great results again. Well done Nico !
2013 Burrie Swart -Pta Combine Bakkie winner 2013 Back to top
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This past weekend Burrie Swart that lives in the front of the combine close to the R21 highway in PTA won the combine bakkie race with a very high velocity of 1788 mpm!This hen is a roomy and a very strong well built specimen. So much for the so called experts saying the fast races are always won at the back end of the combine. A great achievement for this top fancier. It was no fluke as this pair of pigeons bred him 8 birds that won 13 races amongst them. This include club, union as well as GRPA combine wins. They also bred the best young and old bird plus money race prize winners. Most of these winners were put to stock for future breeding.

2013 Mugabe's legacy continues...... Back to top
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Another great reference with offspring from Mugabe bought from Exclusive pigeons by Kommadagga lofts.

Last year we purchased a black son out of Mugabe on your auction site. 07970 / 11 – named “Mengistu”.

We have just learnt that he bred the BEST BIRD in Medpet Kalahari Lofts 2013 for us.

He was crossed to a Schroyens hen, bred by Dean Jooste and sold on Jan Botes’s Auction.

In addition to the Best Bird he bred 9 (8 equal) winners for us thus far in 2013 with three different hens.


2013 Du Preez & Deetlefs won combine youngbirds average Back to top
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Current combine champions Du Preez & Deetlefs won the PTA union and combine youngbird points 2 years running. This partnership is also currently leading the union and combine averages with Dean Jooste at close range. Well done !
2013 Record Auction for Johan and Mark King Back to top
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Johan and Mark King would like to thank all the buyers for their loyal support on the day of the auction and wish them all the best with their new purchases.

A Cool One Million Rand

For Johan & Mark King’s Racing Pigeon Auction

By Thomas Smit


At 11h00 on the 9th of August, 2013the auction of the first Lot of 146 racing pigeons of the Tshwane Father and Son champion partnership, Johan & Mark King, came under the hammer at the Carnival City Casino Complex situated at Brakpan, East of Gauteng.


A South African Record Racing Pigeon Auction Whilst everybody expected a respectable auction figure in view of the high quality of Johan and Mark King’s pigeons, the auction total of R1, 041,000-00came as a surprise for many, considering SA’s current economic climate - unless off-course when you apply faith, as the King family did. Although we had a few previous record breaking local racing pigeon auctions in South Africa, some of the selling fanciers had their pigeons divided in groups, which were auctioned at two or more Regions to secure a better deal. On the 26th of July 2009, the promotional auction of Out Of Africa Lofts held at Springs, Nett the record amount of R1, 130, 000-00 for 206 pigeons. The average selling amount reached at Out of Africa Lofts was R5, 485-00 per pigeon and R7, 130-00 per pigeon at the King’s auction. Some of the King’s auction pigeons were related to the Out Of Africa Lofts gene pool – so both lofts have established a precedent in the country in terms of desirable quality within the SA racing pigeon fraternity.


The World Class Pigeons on Auction were the solitary reason for a six digit result that amounted to more than R1 Million in auction sales. Buyers could handpick between prime quality local and imported foundation stock responsible for multiple winners which includes gold- silver- and bronze medallion achievers, point’s league champions and big prize money winners. The winner of an International race event and numerous near kin of top International performing pigeons were also available.


The Final race of the Allflight cc One-day Loftwinter series was held on the same day and for this reason the tent in which the auction was held was erected on the premises within eye view of the Allflight pigeon lofts complex. While awaiting the arrival of the Allflight pigeons from Gariep Dam, the fanciers could attend the King family’s auction and opt to acquire a special pigeon to enhance the gene pool of their breeding stock at the same time. The Allflight final race was won by the partnership of DDD Lofts, comprising of Dirk Rosslee, Dirk Grobler and Derus Berg. Berg is also the vice-chairperson of the TRPF and so overwhelmed with his performance that he denied it was him when I congratulated him. However, between curry & rice and boerewors rolls made SA style, the exhibition of the King’s pigeons were the focus of the day.


The AuctioneerPine Pienaar and his staff ensured that the buyer’s register for the auction and each buyer received a buyer’s card containing a buyer’s number. During the auction of the lots bought by each buyer the pen number of each pigeon was noted together with the finishing bid and the amounts totalled for payment at completion of the auction.


Viewing of the pigeons the pigeons due for auction were individually displayed in single pens mounted in an L-shape along the sides of the interior of the tent for easy observing. The tent was filled to capacity with buyers. Prospected buyers were allowed to physically handle and examine the pigeons to decide on a choice of purchase. It was the exhibition of a shopper’s paradise displayed on Millionaires drive! Fanciers had the unique first-hand opportunity to learn the feel of how quality pigeons should look and handle.


Security personnelwere in attendance and no pigeons were allowed to be taken outside the tent for evaluation. Nobody complained at this restriction as it was a known fact that pigeons were stolen from former auctions. Security measurements were the only option to minimize the possible risk of pigeon theft and a subsequent financial loss, because some dishonest individuals do not respect another man’s property.


The High-tech Auction catalogue was printed on 16 glossy descriptive pages with pedigree information that featured quality pictures of the pigeons that made them look as pieces of art. The Pigeons on Auction were categorized according to its breeding history. The parental of each individual Lot were graphically documented and one could easily follow the near kin of each pigeon that was available.


Pre-Auction Bidding was done on the state of the art pigeon sales Website of Exclusive Pigeons, co-owned by Mark King and Tshwane Champion, Ferdie Coetzer. The final On-line bid of each pigeon became the opening bid at the live auction. Fanciers that could not attend the auction were phoned to opt an advance on the bidding figure should their on-line offers be challenged by someone else on the auction floor. Buyers on both sides of the telephones had to dig their hands deep into their pockets to purchase the jewels at this auction.


Eye-Spy in Sunny weatherfortunately for me an otherwise chilly and over casted cloud-filled morning was transformed when a bright late morning sun shined through the entrance of the tent and I could take a closer look at some of the pigeon’s eyes through a watchmakers magnifying eye-glass prior to bidding. I was surprise to receive an enquiry 5 days after the auction concerning my assessment of a certain pigeon’s eye quality, which disclosed the fact that whilst I was examining pigeon eyes, I was also watched. However, I had an honest mandate to assist buyers with their choice of purchase and expected to be under surveillance.


About the Foundation Pigeons (R110, 000-00 for ‘Mugabe’)

A high-quality black pigeon in Pen nr One, is appropriately named, ‘’Mugabe’! It’s a Belgium importation and was the first pigeon I handled for examination and also the first pigeon’s eyes that I viewed through my eye-glass magnifier. ‘Mugabe’ was jointly imported by Gauteng Attorney Gys Louw and Bronkhorstspruit fancier Kobus Reynders from Hubert Schroyens in Belgium. ‘Mugabe’ is a medium sized, renowned Foundation Sire that shot to fame in breeding more than 20 winners and 7 Union winners within a short space of time in SA. Its pedigree boasts-, amongst others, world famous pigeons, such as: ‘Sony’ and ‘Jonge Kapitein’ of the Houben family and the ‘Kannibaal’ of Dirk van Dyck. The ‘Kannibaal’ is one of the best breeders in the world that also made Gerhard Koopman of the Netherlands famous. ‘Mugabe’s physical features are of a perfect show type - and one should by definition of an Matatiele Attorney description of anthropological statistics, be foolish to conclude that: considering Mugabe’s track record, that it’s eye qualities are less than sufficient.  ‘Mugabe’ auctioned for a whopping R110, 000-00 to a must-have buyer, Alwyn Bester from Tshwane who already savoured success with its off-spring.


Collecting the Gold

As a pigeon selector a must-have choice acquired for R31, 000-00 within my buyer’s mandate, was a fine medium sized blue hen, Lot 26 on auction, named ‘Twilight Pearl’. She was a Federation winner and both her parents were 2x Union Winners. She bred two Gold medal winners a Silver- and bronze medal winner and big prize money winners. Her pedigree history embraces the South African gold of no less than 15 SANPO medal holders! An obvious choice was to stay with the gold and I subsequently acquired no less than 10 of her top performing children and 5 grandchildren within my mandate.   A World Class daughter of Twilight Pearl was a remarkable chequer hen, Lot 30, a 2x SANPO medallist achiever, acquired for R40, 000-00. She is pound for pound one of the best pigeons produced on South African soil. Not meant to be selfish, I have however left a few prime choices for my competition bidders. Another daughter of lot 26, being lot 63 on auction with all the true quality features to replace her Dam in the future, was acquired for R28,000-00 by champion fancier Roland Bouwer and a partner as he shared my nick for a high-class pigeon. 


A Summary of more of the top King Family pigeons will be discussed in a future article.

2013 Alwyn Bester bought the most expensive bird on auc Back to top
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Alwyn Bester paid a whopping R110 000 for the super cock 'Mugabe' on the auction of Johan & Mark King.

Alwyn Bester is a well known businessman from Pretoria. He paid a massive R110 000 for the phenomenon 'Mugabe' ! This cock is well known amongst the pigeon fraternity in South Africa and most propably the most marketable pigeon in the country.

Some people believe that this prepotent cock 's children are even better breeders than himself. To write down all the performances of his children and grandchildren will fill a couple of pages.

Alwyn bought a whole round of youngsters from Johan & Mark amongst them 2 babies from 'Mugabe'. These 2 youngsters are part of the reason for him being in the top 20 of the PTA union youngbird averages. Alwyn told me that he did not take the decision to buy this cock lightly. Knowing that the man is a great businessman he knew well that buying 'Mugabe' is a well thought through business decision as well as for bettering his own racing performances.

Alwyn already made plans earlier in the year when he bought the nestmate sister of 'Mugabe' for future inbreeding to this prepotent bloodline. He will exclusively offer hand selected individuals of this cock and his sister on our website.

It is our sincere wish that Alwyn has great success with his new purchase and we wish him all the best for the future !


2013 Ferdie Coetzer buyer of champion hen 'Opal blue' Back to top
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Ferdie Coetzer bought Ref D lot 78 'Opal blue' for R36 000 to strenghthen his current champion family of Spritzy pigeons.

Ferdie Coetzer longed after the champion hen Ref D 'Opal blue'  known to breed union and combine winners even against the strong TRPF competition. Much to his relief he was able to buy her on the auction for R36 000. She will be used as a cross to try and strenghthen his current champion family of Spritzy pigeons aquired from Johan Schmidt & Roland Bouwer on their sale in 2000 for a lot of money. He created a wonderful line of Spritzy's using mainly 'Blou bul' and 'Brahman' as his basic birds.

Frans Ferreira champion Despatch fancier bought the foundation Twilight hen Ref B and lot 26  'Twilight pearl' for R31 000. He also bought numerous of her children.

Du Preez & Deetlefs current PTA union and combine champions 'stole' lot 25 Ref C foundation Twilight-Turbo Tom cock 'Moneymaker TT' for only R10 000. This cock will blend in well with their family of Turbo Tom pigeons.

David Hotz well known Durban fancier bought the imported Hebberecht hen Ref E lot 116 'Gentle lady' for R18 000. She is from the champion long distance loft of Chris Hebberecht in Belgium.

Willie de Jager bought lot 30 the daughter of Ref B 'Twilight pearl' for R40 000. 'Golden TT' lot 30 was gold medal winner middlle distance and SANPO bronze medal winner long distance.

Bertus Nel famous for his Vandenabeele birds bought one of the birds of the sale lot 102 'Marieke' for R30 000.

Nico Jagga advocate by profession bought the 2 Chipo imports for R30 500imported  from well known Benny Steveninck, Belgium.

Our good friends Roland Bouwer and Juan Breitenbach bought lot 63 'Queen TT' who scored 5 times top 4 in the union on the middlle to long distance for R28 000.

* Last but not least thanks to everyone who showed interest in the birds and attended the auction. Also those who bought a bird or two no matter how much the amount thanks for the support. we appreciate.




2013 Chipo x Vandenabeele hen wins PTA combine for JL d Back to top
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JL du Plessis races in the PTA federation and he is a good friend of the King family. He won the prestigious Yearling National fed and combine race from Trompsburg 3/8. The sure is a pure Vandenabeele Bliksem line when mated to a daughter of our imported Chipo hen. Well done oom Koos !!
2013 Exceder PTA has been sold Back to top
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Exceder PTA has been sold. The new name for the business is DUIWE PRODUKTE, MEARAWEG 1231, QUEENSWOOD. Contact person Rosy 0835611389 or Janko 0833094123. Telkomline stays the same 012 3338416.
2013 Ferdie Coetzer wins PTA combine Back to top
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Ferdie Coetzer won the club, union and PTA combine this past weekend with a 2 year old hen 11/07769 bred by Johan Kruger. She is linebred to the famous 'Raubritter' ace pigeon MDPR for Koopman bought by Mark Kitchenbrand.In the yearlings Ferdie flew 2 club, 3rd union and 7th combine with numerous other positions. The previous weekend he also won the club and 5th combine with a daughter 11/03268 of the German cock that won the Carnival city summer race by an astonishing 32 minutes ! He was bought by Johan Kruger for R55 000. Quite astonishing is this great performance with very little pigeons. Ferdie only has 12 old birds and 18 youngbirds !
2013 Prof Herman de Jager best birds short distance Back to top
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Prof Herman de Jager owns a super breeding pair. They are parents of the ace pigeon short distance and 3rd best bird short distance as well as silver medal winner combine all round 2009. His old family which he build up over 30 years consist of de Klak x Pepsi Janssens. This breeding pair is 50% old family with 25% Houben Nico Dreyer and 25% van Loon. Worth mentioning is that the professor also supports other clubs. He spent a couple of bucks at the Crusaders breederstake sale so hopefully his birds can keep their form till then !
2013 Catalogue of J&M King online ! Back to top
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Sale of the birds of Johan & Mark King online. See our sales catalogue section above to view the sales list. Pre bidding will start soon on our website.
2013 Du Preez & Deetlefs wins short distance averages Back to top
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Last year's PTA union & combine champions Du Preez & Deetlefs won the short distance averages in the union and combine for 2013. They also had the best short distance pigeon in the union 03048. This hen's sire is a halfbrother to their gold medal winner and the dam is a Twilight-Turbo Tom. Congratulations !
2013 Prof Herman de Jager proud owner of the 1st and 3r Back to top
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Congratulations to professor Herman de Jager who had the 1st and 3rd best short distance pigeon PTA combine 2013. He also ended 3rd in the combine short distance averages behind Du Preez & Deetlefs and Hendrik Huyser & son who also won the federation short distance averages. More info later on these 2 best birds.
2013 Johan & Mark King - Sale of Champion Twilight Fam Back to top
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2013 Johan & Mark King - Twilight Family Auction Back to top
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2013 Great loss to pigeon racing in South Africa Back to top
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Exclusive Pigeons would like to give their condolences to the family of Mr. Zandy Meyer.We are enthusiastic supporters of this great race and will miss the straight forward manner in which Mr. Zandy Meyer handled matters.The pigeon fraternity have truly lost a legend.RIP Mr Million Dollar

Zandy Meyer

It is with immense sadness that Air Sport Internationale has to inform you that Zandy Meyer passed away on June 30th 2013. As many of you will know, he suffered from polio and the subsequent breaking of a leg was to condemn him to life in a wheelchair.

Zandy, a fun loving and active person could not support this and decided to take his life. Zandy was a true leader and an inspiration to us all and will be dearly missed.

As a tribute to Zandy and all he aspired to during his life the 18th SAMDPR will go on and we thank you all for your continued support during this very difficult period.

Sara J. Blackshaw

2013 Neil Chalmers - FED Champion 2012 Back to top
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2013 Kader Ahmed Auctions Back to top
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Currently on sale.Most of the results below were achieved by the children of the Schroyens currently on sale on Exclusive Pigeons website

2013 Obligatory guidlines to a healthy 2013 Pigeon Raci Back to top
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Obligatory Guidelines to a Healthy

2013 Racing Pigeon Season

By Thomas Smit

As the start of the 2013 racing pigeon season is upon us, we interrupt our series on Champion South African breeders, to first attend to the important aspect of pigeon health. This article focuses on the broad neglect and naivety regarding a number of health issues in pigeon racing.

The 365 Days Capsule

A Champion fancier is only as good as his pigeons are, but if his high quality pigeons are not in good health his champion status will fly out the window. Now before anyone conclude that success comes from a medicine bottle, let me begin by saying that the indiscriminate use of what’s inside the medicine bottle can destroy your pigeon season. The possible harm done to your pigeons may also be irreversible or by the time it is restored, it’s too late for your pigeons to get back within the demands of the race 2013 program. The 365 days capsule simply means attending to the health care of your pigeons 365 days of the year. It is not possible to nurse pigeons that were left chronically ill most months of the year with a crash course treatment in an attempt to revive them back to super health before the races start in May / June. Experts in pigeon medication and Veterinarian science have gone the extra mile to develop state of the art pigeon health products to secure the optimal wellbeing of our pigeons. Fanciers that have a personal love and affection for their pigeons will not be guilty of the negligence of unhealthy pigeon keeping. With modern technology such as Internet and Google we have no excuse in terms of lack of knowledge how to properly attend to the well-being of our pigeons.

Remember that vaccinating for pigeon pox and pigeon Paramyxo virus is compulsory by law

I have an admission from leading fanciers that do not obey these obligatory rules. They place the entire SA pigeon colony at risks with this neglect

Can your Pigeons afford to fall ill?

Since the days I started keeping racing pigeons, back in 1968, the assortment of pigeon health products placed on the open market today is overwhelming. Be it from a sky-scraping office block or an outbuilding converted into a pigeon health shop, everybody seems to want to market racing pigeon products. Whilst I don’t begrudge anyone a deserving profit margin in an attempt to earn an honest living, designer pigeon health packages selling at a starting price of over R1 a capsule makes pigeon racing unaffordable for the working class fancier. Fortunately we have choices and shopping around for wholesale prices or monthly specials can stretch your cash to go a little further. I have also found that there are expensive ‘’must buy’’ products on the market that your pigeons do not really need. In most cases there is also an effective equivalent available at less the price or a more affordable price tag from another manufacturer or supplier.

Pigeon Health Products versus Pigeon Doping

In terms ofthe tests for banned substances to keep the pigeon sport clean from doping and in order to comply with WADA and SASCOC regulations, fanciers are once again reminded that it is risky to use any products not registered for use in pigeon racing. In the Minutes of the SANPO Annual General Meeting (AGM) held at 09h00 on 9 April 2011 at the Uitvlugt Guest House, Worcester the former SANPO President, Mr Rhyn van Rooyen, holds that the SANPO Constitution is the heartbeat of the sport and should always be adhered to. He urged all members to re-read the Constitution and all of its appendices. This will avoid many problems. He pointed out that many senior members are not even aware of the latest amendments. The Constitution is available on the SANPO web site for perusal and a list of banned substances is available as a guideline.

The use of bad substances stress, overcrowding, sending a willing pigeon to a race to often will have a negative effect on our pigeons.  Connie Steacy from Canada forwarded the following insightful report regarding test done on wild birds and pigeons. The research was funded by a grant from the National Science Foundationthe study that was led by doctoral student Christine R. Lattin


Stress Hormone in Birds: Feathers

When faced with environmental threats like bad weather, predators or oil spills, wild birds secrete a hormone called corticosterone. Traditionally, researchers have analyzed blood samples to detect corticosterone levels in wild birds.

Feathers Offer Advantages over Blood Sampling
For researchers studying stress in birds, feathers present significant advantages over blood sampling. Scientists can obtain feather samples by collecting naturally-molted feathers from the nest without having to handle birds. Also, blood samples provide only a snapshot of corticosterone in the blood at the moment the blood sample is drawn. Feathers, however, reflect hormone levels during the time it takes feathers to grow, says Lattin.
"This is important in understanding the long-term impacts of stressors on animals, because stress hormones are mostly beneficial in the short term, and only become a problem when they are at high levels for a sustained period of time," Lattin says.

Elevated Corticosterone is Related to Deformities in Feathers
In previous experiments, the scientists found that feathers from birds implanted with corticosterone in had lighter, weaker feathers. Lattin says that the results suggest that elevated corticosterone levels could impact birds' health.


The acting SANPO President, Mr. Faunty Gillmer writes in his 2013 Presidents report that: 57 pigeons have been tested in 2012 for illegal substances, of which 6 were positive (10%)

Less than 1% of pigeons participating in races have been tested. We have a serious “illegal substance abuse” in our pigeon racing sport.

Dr Schalk de Kock, from the Jockey Club which laboratory expertise is used for pigeon testing, explained to all the SANPO Councilors the procedure that has been followed and how they test for banned substances. Now being members of SASCOC all athletes have to be tested for harmful enhancing substances.  Each Organization has to test at least one test per year.  Mr Gilmer made the following recommendation: ‘’I suggest that all big money races be tested as well and the test fee can be deducted from prize money’’.


The SANPO Presidents concerns

Apart from pigeon doping a former President, Mr. Henri Stiglingh, writes that pigeon fanciers should get to the negotiation table and find solutions within the Pigeon Sport, because those that exclude themselves from inspirational debate are part of the problem. He also holds that expensive court cases between pigeon fanciers should not be the route to follow.



Reading the SANPO Presidents reports we are confronted with the fact that everybody is affected by immorality, dishonesty, and human right abuse in the Country at large and nobody is above the law. For this reason the pigeon Sport should not be deserving of media privilege to have its sin’s hidden. Whilst it’s not the purpose of the Farmers Weekly to act as a media watchdog within this pigeon column, I found it difficult to protect the image of the Pigeon Sport when leading fanciers themselves become guilty of criminality and human rights abuse. Adding that to certain unethical Lawyers available to defend the wrongs and some Police officers that can be bribed, not only our country but also our pigeon sport is on a highway towards moral decay.

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Sale – Charles Grant.


Eight pairs of breeding pigeons and 19 racers not homed -  for sale.The stock available consist of Schroyens ,Spritzy ,Van Riel etc.

Some of the pairs have already bred winners.


The loft is also for sale.


For more information contact Charles Grant on 0765737297.

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Winners Collection on Auction!!




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'Spritzy' was a world class breeding hen and superbreeder

Legendary breeder Hens

in South African Pigeon Racing

By Thomas Smit


Stallion Hens – a Valuable Controversy.

In the pigeon racing World it’s usually Cocks that are the Stallions and high quality hens are pursued to mate with them.  The reason is simple it’s a male dominated society. The focus therefore is on Cocks. However, more often than not an entire winning colony is found on Super Breeding Hens. It conveyed a forced changed in the mindset of Pigeon Breeders. What’s more, such fancier secure the use of these Super Foundation hens, as a mainstay in the breeding plan. Thousands are spent in local & foreign currency within the gene pool of Super Breeder Hens.


Examples of Some Super breeder Hens

(Many of the off-spring of these Super breeding hens were mated which resulted that the gene pool and staggering results consequently became interconnected)


  • The Spritzy - HenSA 90-103437 the daughter of an Imported Cock and a Local hen, a World class Breeder SA breeder: - Multiple Gold x Silver Medallists Off-spring.
  • The Toppie Henex Ds Gert Painter, near kin to ‘Fairthorn’, his SCMDPR Winner. Bred from our own South African Line, whilst still in its developing stages – so it’s a golden oldie from our own soil. Connected to the Tom Lock Foundation legacy. She strayed to Toppie Jansen on the East Rand as a Baby and became a world class breeder.
  • The Famous Greyvenstein Pegasus Bronze Hen / Connected to the Tom Lock FoundationLegacy. This hen was overlooked as a potential breeder by most fanciers when offered by Grey Greyvenstein’s widow. Scooped up by Champion Cyril Leibach to find a colony of Superstars in breeding, inter alia, the well known Recessive Reds.
  • The Tom Lock Foundation HenKnown as the Croxford Foundation Hen of the Late Tom Lock from Boksburg. 4875/82. I strongly recommend a blend of this gene pool). Within the off-spring of 4875 More than 18 medal holders… yes, correct 18, not a typing error (and a R6.5 Million Empire – Out of Africa Legacy)
  • The Good henfrom R Bouwer (an Imported Janssens Hen that Bred over R100,000-00 prize money winners with Limited use)
  • The Golden Eggs hen, originate from the Louis Wouters strain, imported by the Late Dr Arthur Brymer. Off-spring includes multiples Medals and 2 car race winners etc.
  • Golden LadySensational breeder in the lofts of C & G Koopman from The Netherlands.


The pedigree of SpritzyBlue Pied Hen SA 90-103437 

  • Her Sire: BELG 84 6726559  it was an Imported Janssens from Voske Voliere / Merckx  Lines imported to SA by Potchefstroom fancier, Theo Minnie and re-sold to Johan Schmidt from Alberton.  Its Sire was De Vos Voliere of 81' The Dam was BELG 76 6129245 with most of the base Janssens in the Pedigree. It's Sire is a 1/2 Br to the Famed 'De Zittter'
  • Her Dam: SA 89 80471 Inbred Schmidt / Her Dam the Last Daughter of the famous Ray.80-68500. Oscar Connection / Schmidt / Broken Keel / Andries Kruger / Richard Salt Connection.

Spritzy’s Dam was SA 89-80471

80471 was Sired by SA 81-83206 X SA 80-68500 (Richard Salt Hen)

SA 81-83206 was bred from the Monty Cock TRPF 74-16973 (Golden Oldies, blend between 1801’ Jansens of Monty van den Burg and the late At Crew) x SA TRPF 73-1937 (Johan Schmidt/ Andries Kruger Broken Keel Connection).

SA 80-68500 The Salt Hen, in turn was bred from ‘’Ray’’ SA TRPF 68-17871 – A Son of ‘’Skraale’’ (Golden Oldie) x the “Tony’s Hen” (Inbred Oscar)


Some Statistics about the famous Spritzy hen

  • The Schmidt / Spritzy connection produced several Federation and Union Wins and were contributory at the base of their colony, topping R1 Million in Sales.
  • Spritzy is a World Class breeder / was a Consistent off-pace racer, but overall a below average performer / often winning pools in standard competition.
  • Spritzy was incorrectly documented to be a 3x Winner and several 2nds', which is believed by the naive.
  • Spritzy was raced by the Late Piet Schoeman Jnr. Named 'Spritzy' by his wife Avril due to her liking of 'Spritzy' wine at Sunday lunch.
  • Spritzy was mated in the race Loft to the J & B Cock 3289 (2x winner), a blend of the Late Andries Kruger Broken Keel Family & the Johan Schmidt Putterie / Oscar connection. 3289 is out of J Schmidt's car winner. (The Broken Keel Hen was a 4x winner that lost several more wins on the trap, being clock shy, one of the best racers in the Federation’s history)
  • Spritzy Formed a Click pair in the race loft of Schoeman - changed hands to Koos Minnaar (where the Gibbs Bros got a direct baby (The Blue Diamond), then sold on the auction of Schoeman & Jacobson to Andre Mills for just below R13000-00. Spritzy was mated in Andre's loft to various Cocks from which several fanciers took benefit. Etc. Where the Late James Jennings received quality off-spring e.g. ''Julie'' (Named after his Wife).
  • Mated to an Andre Carelsen cock with Spritzy’s daughter, Blue Diamond, the pair bred a 4x winner for the Gibbs brothers. The Blue Diamond produced several winners and breeders of winners as well as scores in the pre-final and final race of the SAMDPR for the Gibbs Brothers.
  • Then Spritzy went over to R Brichta where she died.
  • Super breeder, ‘The Brahman’, is a direct son of Spritzy and the J&B Cock became a key breeder for Koert Grobler 2x WRPU Points Winner.
  • The late James Moore Janssens produced superior breeders and racers crossed to the Spritzy lines.
  • West Rand fancier the late Gertjie Mulder won R100, 000-00 in the WRRPU Sales Race with Spritzy off-spring.
  • From the Gibbs Brothers Loft I sold a 2nd generation Blue Diamond - Spritzy / off-spring Male to Bertus Nel of which a daughter scored at the Top in the Colesberg Racing System.
  • Spritzy / Brahman Off-Spring are also famous in the results of Jan van den Bos / Spritzy off-spring won great money winners for Joe Lemos / R Brichta, James Moore – 2 car race winners for Barto Oerlemans and inter alia, the Ace Pigeon at Dinokeng- and SAPIR One-Day Lofts.
  • The outstanding results with Spritzy off-spring had caused that the Electronic Clock of Tom Roux was send abroad to ensure his results were genuine and it was.
  • The Juan Breitenbach / Mulder Connection – Spritzy related off-spring are responsible for multiple winning pigeons. Juan’s lost track of how many top off-spring came from his inbred Spritzy hen known as ‘’7488’’
  • Andre Mills now living in the picturesque Montagua  still owns direct Spritzy off-spring and books winning scores with her off-spring today from his lofts build in the mountains.
  • Pretoria Champion fanciers, Mark King and Ferdie Coetzer, owners of the International Pigeon Website www.exclusivepigeons.co.za

can attest to the fact that the Spritzy  related off-spring are high in demand by serious pigeon breeders. Visit their website for more archived information.


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Top Houben fancier and ex Sun city million dollar trainer Willie Steenkamp will be selling his pigeons on the Exclusive pigeons website. Willie owns one of the most sought after Houben collections worldwide ! He also introduced the best of Hebberecht and 'Kannibaal' as well as other super strains. Do not miss this opportunity !



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We had the opportunity to visit Etienne de Vos in February 2013 again. He was 2nd National champ of Belgium 2012. He must be one of the true legends of the world considering his consistant performances since the 70's ! We have 6 breeding ready birds to sell within the next month.Make a loan, sell your house do whatever it takes but get something exclusive from a true legend !
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One of Out of Africa Lofts most consistant stock cocks, BELG 4220404/10s first daughter sold, ZA OERF 09336/11, bred 2 babies for one of our clients.
The one raced 1st & 2nd Club, pipped by 2 seconds. One Union win for our client.

There is a top son of our NR cock on auction coming Saturday. LOT 33.


Do not miss this opportunity. We bred only 2 babies of him to race in 2012. His son is known in the THU as “THE MONSTER COCK”

He also won the THU DIVISION SALES RACE, ZA GRPA 02854/11


BELG 4220404/10 bred in 2 seasons as follows:
Top Breeder 2011/12.Sire to 9 Wins one 3 x Winner, 1 x Federation Winner, and a 4 X Winner, Ace Pigeon THU Middle Distance O/B Series 2012, 2nd Ace Pigeon Overall Old Bird Series 2012 by 14 points.

ZA BPF/D 8480/10,Club,Division & Federation Winner

2nd Club,4th Div,31st Fed, Y/B, GRaaf-Reinette O/B,vel 1079

1st Club,1st Div,1st Fed Willowmore, 525km, vel 1361

ZA GRPA 2936/10-Equal Winner

6th,19th,8th,10th,8th,1st,17th,15th,18th Scored 9/9 races flown!!

ZA GRPA 2935/10 -11th, 8th Club

ZA GRPA 02853/11-3 x Club Winner, Division Winner, 2x Pontoon

Best orgainsation positions 7th Union,4th Combine, 23rd Combine.

6th Club, Y/B TRPF Club, 214th TRPF, Winburg 2, 282km, vel 1406

Dbl-70th Club,179th Div,315th THU O/B,Wburg 1,282km,vel 1671 rest

1st Club, 7th Division, 7th THU O/B, Bloem 3, 381km, vel 1065

DBL-26th Club, 143rd Div,347th THU O/B, Tburg, 483km, vel 1 804

Triple-27th Club, THU O/B, Tburg, 483km, vel 1208

24th Club, GRPA Y/B, Sfntein, 507km, vel 1013 REST

24th Club, ?Div,?GRPA Comb, Y/B, Cberg 1, 584km, vel 726 REST

1st Club,1st Div,4th GRPA Comb, Mburg, 663 km, vel 1093 REST

1st Club,8th Div,23rd THU O/B, Richmond3, 711km, vel 1612 REST

8th Club,16th Div,52nd GRPA Comb, O/B, V-West, 758km, vel 1151

ZA GRPA 02854/11-4(1Equal) x Club Winner . 3 X Pontoon & L/N Winner

1st,2nd, 2nd,9th, 23rd THU Union Winner

1st Ace Pigeon Middle Distance THU O/B Series 2012

 2nd Overall Ace Pigeon O/B Series THU 2012

5th Club, 200th TRPF O/B, Wburg 2, 282km, vel 1407

Equal Winner

Dbl-2nd Club,4th Div, 9th O/B THUnion, Wburg 2, 282km, vel 1744 Rest

11th Club,108th Div, 173rd THU O/B, Cberg 1, 584km, vel 1577

Dbl-1st Club, 2nd Div,2nd THU O/B, Colesberg 2, 584km, vel 1149 rest

1st Club, 1st Div,1st THU O/B, Hanover 1, 652km, vel 1064  REST

1st Club,1st Div,2nd THU O/B Challenge, Hanover 3, 652km, vel 1941

DBL-4th Club,23rdDiv,28th THU O/B, Rmond, 712km, vel 1276

Linebred to the very best Foundation Birds of De Rauw Sablon

*Lijn Smallen   *Lijn Limoges *Lijn Topkweker Freddy * Den Dromer

Also in the pedigree:  *De Crack  *Den Ijzeren

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Lees meer op ons nuus en artikels blad...

2012 Baby kit bougt from Out of Africa on exclusivepige Back to top
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15078 places in club 1 2 9 19 26
15050 places in club 2 11 12 15 17 29
15850 places in club 3 11 21 26
15887 place in club 3 8 21 23 30

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John du Preez & Banie Deetlefs won the Pretoria union and also combine points last weekend for the first time in their career ! They had a wonderful season from start to finish. They were crowned as yearling, open, long distance and overall champs ! The combination who mainly flies with a family of Turbo Tom/de Wet Putteries ended 2nd short distance combine, 2nd middle distance combine and also 2nd in the loft points averages. Top 10 positions combine averages : 1. Du Preez & Deetlefs 2. Dean Jooste & Joubert 3. Jonck & seun 4. Andre Carelsen 5. AB & Chris carelsen 6. Johan & Mark KIng 7. Ferdie & Petro Lubbe 8. Die Huysers & Lubbe 9. Pretorius Terblanche 10. HJ van Schalckwyk. Dean Jooste won the short distance averages combine, AB & Chris Carelsen the middle distance averages and Dean also topping the loft points averages by flying a great last race. Dean Jooste also had by far the best bird in the combine. A story will follow on this magnificent cock shortly. PTA union top 5 averages : 1. du Preez & Deetlefs 2. Dean Jooste & Joubert 3. Jonck & seun 4. Andre Carelsen 5. Johan & Mark King. Top 5 federation averages 1. Ferdie & Petro Lubbe ( congrats to this combination who won the PTA fed points for a 5th time !) 2. Huysers & Lubbe 3. J&L Taute 4. Nico & Christelle 5. Chris Wheeler. Loft reports on all the repective winners will follow soon.
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Feitlik nog n duiwe seisoen is verby.
Die tyd stap ongelooflik vinnig verby.
Graag wil ek jou bietjie terugvoering gee tov die paar duifies wat ek verlede jaar by jou gekoop het.

Aaangesien ek nSPRITZY/WOUTERS kliekpaar besit , het ek spesifiek BLOUBUL duiwe by jou gekoop

Terloops my Kliekpaar het in in 4 seisoene 28 wenne vir my opgelewer.

Spritzy en Bloubul was broer en suster en daarom dan dat ek hulle nasate met mekaar teel.

Ongelukkig was dit reeds baie laat in die teel seisoen,  maar nietemin die volgende uit myne gekruis met joune


Wen derde in die Federasie se dertig duur ring verkoping

Wen met n ander een D 7019 ook derde in die Federasie se 50 Breederstakes Ringe

Sy is tans ook die tweede beste taar oud duif in ons klub, onser andere met uitstekende posisies behaal.

PWF 2888 vlieg n 4DE,3DE en ook 1ste met 13 minute,slegs een geteel.


Uitstekend vir die enkele duifies uit die kruisings geteel


Nogmaals baie dankie,

Ek sien baie uit na die toekoms met hierdie BLOUBUL/SPRITZY/WOUTERS familie



Chris Zwarts


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20 October 2012 5 Madeley Road, Strubenvale, Springs Viewing: 09h00 Auction: 11h00

Contents / Inhoud


  1. The Good Pigeon versus the Super Pigeon. My Own Journey to Acquire Super Pigeons.


  1. Kommentaar deur Henry Stiglingh van elke duif op veiling.


  1. Algemene Kommentaar.


  1. Note by Out of Africa Lofts.


  1. Out of Africa Lofts - Our Journey and Consequent Results.


  1. Sales Catalogues.




1.       The Good Pigeon v/s the Super Pigeon.

My Own Journey to Acquire Super Pigeons.


About two years ago, I was sitting in my loft and while looking at the stock birds realised that they were getting old. I decided to start inbreeding the existing stock and to purchase some new birds. Although I can not actively compete in the sport, there are enough opportunities to test the birds in other lofts.


Searching the internet, for racing pigeons for sale, I stumbled upon several local on line auctions. Here I saw good birds going for low prices and I started bidding. Very quickly I managed to buy four pigeons, each for a very affordable price and breeding began in earnest. Youngsters were placed in three different lofts to compete.


When the results became available it was not what I expected. Except for two youngsters, the yearlings did not perform and got lost. Incidentally the two that did not get lost were both out of my old click pair. The one flew a 34th place in the main money race and her sister won a hard race by more that two minutes. Amongst my stock was another sister who won twice and between her and her siblings they were responsible for winning the yearling points in the club I belonged to. I realized that I failed with low price purchases and that if I wanted to add another genetic line, it had to be something special to compliment my proven genetic line – in fact they had to be better.


This made me think back to auctions I had attended in the past. One in particular, the total dispersal sale of Jan Pienaar, the Pienaar and Peyper Auction, here I bought five good birds and they were very cheap. However, on this auction as we all know, super pigeons like the Andre cock and Cher-Ami fetched very high prices.


My five good birds did not produce anything significant and the super Andre cock and Cher-Ami are still producing champions today! In hind sight, I believe that if I had rather targeted one of the offspring of the Andre cock or that of Cher-Ami, it would have been far more beneficial.


On an on line auction, I stumbled upon the name Out of Africa Lofts (OAL) and seeing the high prices the birds were selling for, knew that I could never afford this. What was further evident was that the published results of OAL were phenomenal. The question facing me then was how could I obtain some of these super birds?


The owner of OAL is Egbert O'Kelly and I decided to give him a call. Great was my surprise when Egbert asked me what can you afford? This was amazing and I soon realized that here was someone who I could relate to, a true champion who wanted to make Super pigeons available to SA fanciers.


During August this year, OAL dominated the results and it was quickly whispered that the results were only due to his birds being able to perform under the difficult circumstances experienced all over, with velocities well below 1000m/m. then spring day, the 1st of September arrived. Velocities were above 1900m/m and OAL took 1st, 2nd and 4th on both races in the combine?


That night I phoned Egbert and during our conversation the production auction of 20 October came up and it was of concern to him that fellow fanciers would not realize his aim. We concluded our conversation with the following, I offered to fly up to Gauteng to write an independent article on the lessons that I’ve learnt and about Egbert and his integrity as breeder. Remember, I had never met him. I also offered to bring a fellow, well known and trusted fancier along, one who would give an independent, and honest opinion of the quality of the birds that will be on sale. This then also had to be someone who has never met Egbert.


My call was to Henry Stiglingh in Jeffreys Bay, who immediately bought into the idea and by Monday midday we were on our way. Egbert picked us up at the airport and before long we arrived at his house and were greeted by his wife and children. What was immediately evident was the down to earth nature of this family.


After having something refreshing we wanted to handle a couple of pigeons before going out to dinner. When Uncle Henry handled the fourth pigeon, there were words coming out of his mouth that I can not repeat. Egbert and Henry quickly realised that they both have the same pigeon hands, and both could pick up certain top characteristics in the birds.


The following morning all the birds that would go up for the production sale were caught, and without any knowledge of who they were,  relationships or strains, Uncle Henry started his evaluation and I will include his comments honestly and exactly as he made them. To my knowledge, I believe that this is a first for any auction, as here you will have the advantage to study honest comments of an independent and well known fancier of each bird coming up for auction.

Back to my earlier views and experiences regarding auctions, it is now clear to me that if I took the well recommended approach of purchasing one super bird with a well known and proven track record, rather than a couple of average birds, that I would have been much further today.


The reason for writing this article is not to boost Egbert and the OAL pigeons. It is to bring to your attention the well proven genetic lines that will be on auction, hoping that it will make it easier and providing up front information to aid in your decision making, should you want to purchase on this production auction of OAL. It is important to know that the birds on auction are not old stock or racers, they are youngsters specifically inbred for stock back to super breeding pigeons and set genetic lines that proved beyond any doubt that they can and do breed winners.


Egbert specifically targeted, and purchased, proven breeders and here we can think of the R 100 000 pair, the R 80 000 pair, four direct super breeders out of the Bak 17 De Rauw Sablon pair, purchased for R 100 000 each, to name but a few!


Herein may also lie a very valuable lesson that we can learn from Egbert! Does he purchase proven racers or does he specifically target proven super breeders and their offspring?


If you are looking for offspring from proven super breeders then here is your chance to drastically alter the genetic make up of your loft which will bring you the desired results in the races. Do not make the same mistakes over and over, as I did, get together and form partnerships if you have to, and come to this production auction of Out of Africa Lofts the 20th of October and purchase some of the best genetic lines available today!


Best Wishes to all of you.


Gerhard de Lange









2.       Kommentaar deur Henry Stiglingh van elke duif op veiling.




Ring Nommer

Punte Uit 3





Fantastiese balans, baie goeie veer kwalitiet, goeie vlerk. Die is ‘n top duif en hy is reg om te teel.




Nog mooier, ‘n briljante duif.




Beslis ‘n 3, baie goeie spiere, vlerke, sagte vere.




Hierdie duif is reg, baie goeie oog, vere briljant, hier is nie swak duiwe nie.




Goeie vere en briljante vlerk.




Hierdie een is goed, baie goed. Mooi voorarm en sagte vere.




Kort voorarm, perfekte vlerk, sal ‘n top teel duif wees. Baie, baie goed, perfekte spiere, die duif het die body.




Hierdie een is net so goed, vlerk, vere baie baie goed. Hier is kwalitiet.




Briljante duif, uitstekende vere, goeie balans en vlerke. Hier is ‘n top duif.




Mense dit is mooi, ongelooflike mooi vere, sal ‘n super breeder word.




Hierdie is een van die bestes van die dag, manne die duif is goed, hierdie is ‘n briljante, briljante duif, ek wil hom nie neer sit nie.




Briljante vere, spiere en lieflike vlerk. Die is ‘n top duif, hanteer ongelooflik.




Is nog jonk, sal nog ontwikkel.




Hier is ‘n stukkie goud, sagte vere, sterk voorarms en vlerke, die duif gaan fantasties teel.




Goeie vlerke, vol, vol spiere, lifelike oog. Briljant.




Goeie spiere en veergehalte. Briljante vlerk, hoendervleis!




Die duif het ‘n teelers oog, veergehalte baie goed, dit gaan ‘n briljante duif wees.




Baie jonk, die duif het nog baba vere, maar het klaar ‘n baie mooi oog.




Hierdie is ‘n 3 deur en deur, goeie veergehalte, nog baie jonk.




Goeie vlerk.




Hierdie is van die bestes, spiere en vlerk is van die beste. Teelers oog.




Beste van die bestes, perfekte balans, super sagte vere. Die duif het die potensiaal om ‘n top fondasie mannetjie te word. Kyk na die duif. Hoendervleis!




Diep duif, lieflike vere, spiere en oog.




Sjoe, dis ‘n 3. Kyk daai jumps gaan nie eers verder te kyk nie.




Hier is ‘n prentjie, Hier is ‘n goeie duif, nee nou is ek plat geslaan.




Briljant, kan week vir week vlieg, dra geen gewig nie.




Briljant, bietjie ouer as die ander, groen in oog.




Perfekte balans, perfekte klein duif, nog baie jonk.




Hier is een van die bestes so ver, so klein as wat sy is druk sy die spiere, hier is ‘n goeie een, groen in oog.




Die een is baie goed, goeie jumps op die vlerke. Dis die room van die room. Kyk hoe skiet die duif se oog in die son. Een van die bestes so ver. Ek sal die duif wil koop. Jy kan nie terug kyk nie. Kry hoendervleis, die duif se vere en spiere – ongelooflik!




Top vlerke, langpad. Absoluut briljant.




Net so goed, mooi duif, kort voorarms en lifelike vlerk.




Top veer gehalte, top spiere, lieflike vlerke, ongelooflike duif die, vat  die duif stock toe.




Nog ‘n goeie een, botteltjie gif, goeie vere, voorarm en spiere. Briljante oog, het groen in. Die een is baie goed.




Hanteer goed.




Hier is ‘n rudder. Ongelooflike veer gehalte, goeie balans en briljante oog




Nog  ‘n goeie een en sy praat terug. Ongelooflike goeie vere. Die een gaan broei wat skrik vir niks.




Hier is lekker spiere, briljante oog, baie goeie vere ook




Hier is ‘n briljante duif, die balans, vere, vlerke is alles reg.




Loshande ‘n nommer 3, briljante vere. Hierdie een is van die bestes.




Hierdie een is baie goed, goeie vere en vlerk, briljante oog, het groen in.




Baie goeie hennetjie, teelers oog wat skrik vir niks, goeie spiere en balans.




Hier is weer ‘n prentjie. Fantastiese vitalitiet, sal goeie ‘stock duif wees.




Die is ‘n stamduif, vere perfek, baie roomy, het sterk voorarms, groen in oog. Dit gaan ‘n fantastiese duif wees. En die duif is intelligent. Hier is ‘n goeie duif.




Baie goed, kort voorarm, pragtige vere en bou.




Baie, baie mooi, briljant.




Roomy, sal goeie vlieg duif wees, baie mooi.




Hier is ‘n sprinter, die duif gaan nog body kry, baie mooi voorarm.




Baie mooi sagte vere, gaan ‘n moeder hen word, hier koop jy ‘n stock hen wat skriks vir niks.




Baie goeie balans, hierdie is prentjie mooi, het die spiere wat ek soek, top vere en briljante oog.




Langpad duif, gaan langer vat om te ontwikkel, goeie vlerke .




Balans perfek, diep duif, vere baie goed, groen in die oog, kyk na die duif se oog.




Sagte vere, goeie vlerk, spiere is reg, baie goed.




Lekker diep duif, briljante voorarms en vlerk. Goeie duif met groen in die oog.




Die gaan ‘n duif word, baie goeie sagte vere




Hanteer ongelooflik, vere en vlerke baie goed, ontsettende goeie spiere.




Hier is nog beter, kort voorarm en massisve vlerk.




Lieflike diep duif, balans reg.




Dis briljant, ontsettend sterk in vlerk, goeie vitaliteit, beste oog.




Sal nog ontwikkel, baie jonk.




Hier is een van die bestes van die dag. Spiere wat skrik vir niks, hier is ‘n goeie duif.




Hier is ‘n klein botteltjie gif, ‘n sprinter, man hierdie duif sal sprint. Sal ‘n super  breeder word. Dis goud.




Balans en vlerk reg. Diep duif.




Die duif het ‘n rudder, die manne wat hulle ken sal weet.




Ontsettende goeie voorarms, hier is spiere onder die vlerk waarvan ek hou.




Hier is ‘n sterk duif, hier moet Sierens in wees. Hier is ‘n yster, langpad duif. Die een is baie goed.




Niks met die duif verkeerd nie, voorarm en vlerk perfek. Gaan ‘n skitterende duif word. Dit is ‘n yster die.




As die duif op die veiling kom en hy verkoop nie sal ek hom koop. Die duif sal die wereld plat vlieg.




Langpad, hard, die duif gaan mooi word..




Briljante vere, langpad, ongelooflik onder die vlerk. Absolute langpad.




Gaan nog baie mooi ontwikkel, lang diep duif, die duif gaan ons nog verras.




Hier is nie swak duiwe nie, die duif moet nie veiling toe gaan nie, die duif moet stock toe gaan. Hier is ‘n swaeltjie, as hy sou vlieg sal hy die langpad stukkend vlieg.




Net so goed, ek hou van die duif.




Harde duif, diep en sterk.




Briljant, sal wenners teel.




Die duif is hard, gaan ontwikkel in ‘n yster.




Sjoe, hier is mooi. Hier is verseker Sierens in, die duif sal die langpad op eet.




Hier is weer ‘n prentjie, dit is my cup of tea. Super, super duif. Vitalitiet, nou het ek weer hoendervleis, wil nie die duif uit my hande laat gaan nie, lank laas so goed gesien. Julle het my na die verkeerde plek toe gebring.




Lieflike vlerke, vere en spiere wat skrik vir niks.




Baie goeie oog, spiere fantasties en goeie balans.




Nog in die verveer




Hier is weer ‘n prentjie, hier is ‘n goeie duif. Die duif het die spiere wat ek soek, ‘n baie sterk duif.




Een van die bestes – toets my hier! Kan nie beter kry nie, die duif is briljant. Sjoe, hier is spiere wat die teeler geteel het wat ander nie kan reg kry nie.




Hier is ‘n briljante duif, die duif sal dit doen.




Duif nog jonk maar gaan goed ontwikkel, groen in oog en ook ‘n rudder




Baie goeie vlerk, jump op vlerk. Lang lenige duif. Die duif moet in die race hok kom, sal die pad hard slaan.




Hier is weer ‘n goeie een, pasop om nie die een mis te kyk nie, nog baie jonk. Hier is Dana in!




Dis mooi, perfekte balans. Absoluut DIE oë.




Ongelooflike spiere, manne hier is die spiere wat ons soek.




Beste vere en spiere, baie geoei een die, teelers oog, ‘n briljante duif.




Duif nog baie jonk.




Prentjie, goeie vere, spiere en vlerk.




Gaan nog mooi ontwikkel, baie jonk.




Die is ‘n 3 op sy beste. Die duiweboer wat duiwe ken sal die een koop – hou dop. Hierdie is briljant.




Balans, vlerk en vere goed, hierdie gaan ‘n briljante duif word. Ongelooflike spiere, kyk na die duif se oog.




Nog jonk, sal nog ontwikkel. Mooi jump op vlerk, oog gaan nog baie goed ontwikkel.




Fantastiese veer gehalte, briljante vitaliteit, baie goeie oog – ander familie?




Nog in die nes.




Spiere is reg, vlerk reg en vere sag.




Briljante vlerke, lekker diep duif, die een is ‘n Angel. As dit hard word kan die duif nie geklop word nie. Dit is nie die familie nie!




Baie goeie balans, fril bors, briljante oog en baie goeie vlerk.




3.     Algemene Kommentaar.


Ek het die voorreg gehad om op uitnodiging Out of Africa Lofts te besoek,


Ek was onder die indruk dat ek net nog weer ‘n klomp goeie duiwe van verskillende rasse bymekaar gaan sien, maar groot was my verrassing om na die derde/vierde duif te besef dat ek hier te doen het met iets heeltemal anders. Met die hantering van die veilingduiwe kon ek onmiddellik die verskil voel tussen die verskillende genelyne van die duiwe.


Die standaard  van die duiwe is van so ‘n hoogstaande gehalte dat mens beswaarlik kan kies. Hierdie duiwe vergelyk met die bestes in die wereld en enige duiweboer wat in hierdie duiwe wil belê, gaan nooit spyt wees nie. Uit hierdie duiwe kan jy vir jou ‘n familie duiwe teel wat jou absoluut op die pad van sukses sal sit in ‘n kort tydjie


Ek was verder nog meer beindruk met die resultate wat die duiwe behaal tussen geweldige sterk mededinging. Ek was ook  veral beindruk met die vlieghokduifies wat almal  jongduiwe is wat in hierdie jaar geteel is en wat alreeds sulke ongelooflike resultate behaal het in hierdie seisoen.


Ek kan sien dat die wagwoord hier baie streng seleksie is en dit is waarom mense oor die land alreeds groot sukses met die duiwe het.


Henry Stiglingh

















4.       Note from Out of Africa Lofts.


Hallo Gerhard & Henry


I would like to thank you both, without even really knowing me, for the honor to enable me to have shown you my pride and joy, pigeons bred for stock from our best breeders to be put up for auction on the 20th of October 2012.


I have just received your own journey to acquire good pigeons Gerhard, as well as the comments Henry has made on each individual bird he handled going on auction.


As you know, Henry handled and evaluated the PIGEONS, and there was no catalogue to see who the parents of each bird were. That was the whole idea of this exercise, to give an honest valuation of the pigeon, and not the pedigree!!


After reading each comment, I went to the sales catalogue to compare who the parents are of each pigeon.


To my surprise, he has identified EVERY SINGLE child from our top breeders of Multiple Winners as well as Ace Pigeons!


This is evidence to me that Henry Stiglingh has acquired the knowledge over the years with his own good race results as well as being a world renowned judge of pigeons.


Thank you guys for all the efforts made, and I wish you both the very best in our beloved pigeon sport.


Warm regards

Egbert O’Kelly



5.        Out of Africa Lofts - Our Journey and Consequent Results


Our journey to acquire top racing genetics started in 2005 when we purchased the R100 000 Super Pair, later SA THU 30116/01, The White Eye hen, then the R80 000 Super Pair, as well as various other top breeders from the late T. Lock.


The purchase of the Tom Lock R100 000 and R80 000 Super Pairs immediately caused a bit of a stir in the pigeon sport in SA at the time! Fortunately faith pulled through and children and grandchildren from these 2 pairs produced performance generation to generation in the form of Car Winners, THU Union, OERF Federation & GRPA Championship winners, Sales race winners, and more recently the following achievements of this Super Family:

CarnivalCityCar Winner -2008



  • 1st National ACE Pigeon Short Distance 2010 -Raced by R. Heubsch & Bred by Out of Africa Lofts (R100 000/30116 & R80 000 combination)
  • 1st National ACE Pigeon Middle Distance 2010 -Raced and bred by Out of Africa Lofts (Direct R80 000 Super Pair Daughter)
  • 3rd National ACE Pigeon Middle Distance 2010 -Raced and bred by Out of Africa Lofts (Full brother to R80 000 Pair Click hen x Clausing)
  • 1st National ACE Pigeon All Distances 2010 -Raced by R. Heubsch & Bred by Out of Africa Lofts. (R100 000/30116 & R80 000 Pairs combination)



  • 1st National ACE Pigeon Long Distance 2011 -Raced and bred by Out of Africa Lofts  (Son of R100 000 Super Pair X Sierens)
  • 3rd National ACE Pigeon Long Distance 2011 -Raced and bred by Out of Africa Lofts  (2 x Inbred Bak 17/Marseille X Het Fijn Blauw Cock, Mated to Sierens Hen)
  • Various other top S.A Fanciers are having great success with the offspring of our T Locks.


Andre Carelsen’s Sierens/Oscar Line has also played an instrumental role in our performances over the last few seasons. In combination with our T  Lock Family they also bred us 2 Ace Pigeons in 2011 season.


In the search of another superior bloodline to cross with our Gold Medal  family, we decided on introducing the De Rauw Sablon / M. Aelbrecht Strain into our stock lofts.


We found the 2 similarities between our Gold Medal T Lock & Sierens Oscar Family and the De Rauw Sablon / M Aelbrecht strain that we were searching for!


Bred down from a Golden Thread, the Dream Couple, as well as numerous other Super Pairs, and Super Breeders.


This decision was not taken lightly. We first studied the lineage/pedigrees of this strain to the last detail. We were looking for generation upon generation of National winners and ACE Birds in their pedigrees, as well as a definite Super Pair where all these fantastic results evolved from.


We did find the Super Pair in the form of the Dream Couple – Albert x Paula. The Golden Thread.


Not only did we find one Super pair, but, like our own Gold Medal  Family, we found various Super Pairs, like:

  • Famous Bak 17 Couple
  • Marseille x Het Fijn Blauw
  • Smallen Pair - Parents to Lucky 848, Smallen, Super Breeder 970, 118, etc.


Out of Africa has once again decided to purchase as close to possible to the various Super Pair’s winning genetics, of the Super Racers and Super Breeders of this strain themselves, paying small fortunes along the way for the proven Breeders.


For example

  • R75 000 for A Craelsen’s Super Breeder 810. Sire to winners and 2 Ace Pigeons 2010 & 2011.
  • R100 000 lately for a direct Son Bak 17 Couple, a Super Breeder in Belgium, breeding multiple winners and many placed birds in the first 5.
  • R150 000 for a Direct Super Breeder Daughter of the Marseille x Het Fijn Blauw Pairthemselves.
  • Gys Louw’s number 1 Stock Cock, a grandson of Bak 17, also related to the sire of our - 3rd National Ace Bird - SANPO Bronze  Medal Winner Long Distance 2011.


Our vision of the past has worked again!


The imported De Rauw Sablon/M Aelbrecht strain immediately showed their class and bred winners and an Ace Bird as well as SANPO Bronze Medal Winner Long Distance 2011.


We believe in a certain Type of pigeon. They possess certain qualities we look for in a top performing strain, generation after generation, even after applying some degree of line and inbreeding, they just get better!


The De Rauw Sablon/M Aelbrecht Collection, Bred the following in the 2011 season:

  • 13 Wins.
  • Two 3 x Winners.
  • 2 X Division Winners.
  • 1 X Combine Winner.
  • 1  X Federation Winner.
  • ACE Bird Middle Distance GRPA Young Bird Series.
  • 2nd ACE Bird Young Bird Series GRPA.
  • 4th ACE Bird Overall Old & Young Bird Series Combined GRPA.
  • 3rd National ACE Bird - SANPO Bronze Medal Winner Long  Distance.



(As at 13 September 2012)

We are racing with a team of babies in Old and Young Bird races in 2 different organizations. Not an easy task to compete well in 4 different races in 2 different organizations every weekend.


So far, we have been fortunate to have won 33 of the 60 Club races thus far.


19/33 of these wins have M. Aelbrecht blood running in their veins. The R100 000/R80 000 Tom Lock/30116 Family x  De Rauw Sablon / M. Aelbrecht x R50 000 Sierens line has made the biggest impact on our loft  thus far.





  • Young Bird Series.
  • Single Bird Averages.
  • 1st Division, 1st Overall Single Bird Averages GRPA Young Bird  Series 2012 – Final Result.
  • 2nd Division, 4th Short Distance Single Bird Averages GRPA Young Bird Series 2012 - Final Result.
  • 1st Division, 1st Middle Distance Single Bird Averages GRPA Young Bird Series 2012 - Currently.
  • All Bird Averages.
  • 1st Division, 1st Overall All Bird Averages GRPA Young Bird Series 2012 - Currently.
  • 1st Division, 1st Short Distance All Bird Averages GRPA Young Bird Series 2012 - Final Result.
  • 1st Division, 1st Middle Distance All Bird Averages GRPA Young Bird Series 2012 - Currently.


Old Bird Series

  • Single Bird Averages.
  • 2nd Division, 4th Single Bird Averages GRPA Old Bird Series 2012 - Currently.
  • 4th Division, 9th Short Distance Single Bird Averages GRPA Old Bird Series 2012 - Final Result.
  • 3rd Division, 3rd Middle Distance Single Bird Averages GRPA Old Bird Series 2012 - Currently.
  • All Bird Averages.
  • 2nd Division, 3rd Overall All Bird Averages GRPA Old Bird Series 2012 - Currently.
  • 2nd Division, 6th Short Distance All Bird Averages GRPA Old Bird Series 2012 - Final Result.
  • 1st Division, 1st Middle Distance All Bird Averages GRPA Young Bird Series 2012 - Currently.



  • Young Bird Series.
  • Single Bird Averages.
  • 2nd Overall Single Bird Averages THU Young Bird Series 2012 – Final Result.
  • 3rd Short Distance Single Bird Averages THU Young Bird Series 2012 – Final Result.
  • 3rd Middle Distance Single Bird Averages THU Young Bird Series 2012 - Final Result.
  • 1st & 5th ACE Pigeon in the THU Young Bird Series for 2012.

The 1st Ace Pigeon is bred from an inbred R50 000 Andre Cock X his daughter Cher-Ami, mated to an inbred Bak 17 X Marseille X Het Fijn Blauw hen.

  • The 5th Ace Pigeon is bred from a son of Cher-Ami mated to the R80 000 Tom Lock Line.


All Bird Averages

  • 1st Overall All Bird Averages THU Young Bird Series 2012 – Final Result.
  • 2nd Short Distance All Bird Averages THU Young Bird Series 2012 – Final Result.
  • 2nd Middle Distance All Bird Averages THU Young Bird Series 2012 – Final Result.


Old Bird Series

Single Bird Averages

  • 3rd Single Bird Averages THU Old Bird Series 2012 – Currently.
  • 18th Short Distance Single Bird Averages THU Old Bird Series 2012 – Final Result.
  • 2nd Middle Distance Single Bird Averages THU Old Bird Series 2012 – Final Result.
  • 4th Long Distance Single Bird Averages THU Old Bird Series 2012 – Currently.


All Bird Averages

  • 2nd Overall All Bird Averages THU Old Bird Series 2012 – Currently.
  • 22nd Short Distance All Bird Averages THU Old Bird Series 2012 – Final Result.
  • 2nd Middle Distance All Bird Averages THU Old Bird Series 2012 – Final Result.
  • 3rd Long Distance All Bird Averages THU Old Bird Series 2012 – Currently.
  • Currently 1ST ACE Pigeon Old Bird Series 2012.
  • The sire is a grandson to the brother of Bak 17 X Freddy, and the dam is a direct daughter to the R80 000 Super Pair.
  • Combined Single Bird Averages Old & Young Bird Series.
  • 2nd Overall Old & Young Bird Series Combined THU 2012 – Currently.
  • Combined All Bird Averages Old & Young Bird Series.
  • 1st Overall Middle Distance Old & Young Bird Series Combined THU 2012 - Final Result.
  • 2nd Overall Old & Young Bird Series Combined THU 2012 – Currently.


2012 ACE pigeons:

  • ZA GRPA 04159/11 - 4 x (2 x Equal) Winner. Daughter of Golden Carelli. Equal Div & Combine Winner - Trapped with loft mate!

1st Ace Bird GRPA Y/B Series Middle Distance 2012.


  • ZA GRPA 02854/11 - 3 x Club Winner . 3 X Pontoon & L/N Winner-Sire is Bak 17 line.

1st, 2nd,  2nd, 9th THU Union Winner.

Currently 1st THU OB Ace Pigeon 2012 O/B Series.


  • ZA GPU 15264/11 - 4 x Club, 3 x Pontoon & L/N &1 X Division Winner. G,G.G Daughter to Bak 17.

2nd THU Car Race Winner (Club Derby Winner).

ACE Pigeon THU Young Bird Series 2012.


We are not shy to admit that it is our aim to end up as high as possible on both the organisation’s averages and prove that the imported De Rauw Sablon/Marcel Aelbrecht/Bak 17 line combined with our already proven T Lock and R50 000 Andre Cock Gold Medal families, will be a force to reckon with for some time to come.


As we have invested heavily in the World Famous De Rauw Sablon/M Aelbrecht strain, we decided to make an appointment through PIPA to visit these two strain makers in person. What a privilege it was to receive tips on mating, line breeding strategies to follow, etc. Wonderful people with great pigeons!


This strain’s popularity all over the world can not be ignored. If their popularity can be measured to the prices being obtained worldwide by this strain then they surely are, The Most Sought After pigeons in the world today.


When we purchased 4 direct children of the Famous Bak 17 Couple for an average price of R100 000 each, we never knew how cheap we actually got them for!

The total auction of A Verbesselt has sent shock waves through the pigeon fraternity with prices of €110 000 for direct children of the Famous Bak 17 Couple. He broke at that time all internet records with a total of €1 290 000, 202 pigeons.


One of our Star Breeder’s, Golden Carelli and his sister Miss  Sarah are full brother and sister to King, Star breeder of A Verbesselt. King was sold for €36 000, and Golden Carelli’s Sire, Belg 4373754/07, Son Bak 17 for €110 000 and their dam Miss Joice for €62 400 respectively!


Thank goodness we were able to obtain 18 direct A Verbesselt’s in Belgium 2010, and can make them available to the South African Market.


No one can guarantee that all birds bred for stock will breed winners, but we do guarantee that we only purchase the best pigeons available in the market, and breed from the best in our lofts for potential buyers.


Egbert O’Kelly




  1. Sales Catalogues:

Sales catalogues can be downloaded from:

  1. http://www.exclusivepigeons.co.za
  2. http://demo55.chillies.co.za
  3. SMS Egbert at + (27) 84 2000 667
  4. Mail Egbert at outafric@mweb.co.za
  5. Pre-bidding will commence the 1st of October on http://www.sapigeonauctions.co.za


2012 Out of Africa Lofts wins Single & All Bird Average Back to top
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Well done to Out of Africa Lofts for a super season in the old as well as young birds.


Young Bird Series

Single Bird Averages

1st Division, 1st Overall Single Bird Averages GRPA Young Bird Series 2012

2ndDivision, 4thShort Distance Single Bird Averages GRPA Young Bird Series 2012

1stDivision, 1st Middle Distance Single Bird Averages GRPA Young Bird Series 2012

All Bird Averages

1st Division, 1st Overall All Bird Averages GRPA Young Bird Series 2012

1st Division, 1st Short Distance All Bird Averages GRPA Young Bird Series 2012

1stDivision, 1st Middle Distance All Bird Averages GRPA Young Bird Series 2012

Ace Pigeon Averages

1stAce Pigeon Middle Distance GRPA Young Bird Series 2012



Young Bird Series

Single Bird Averages

3rd Overall Single Bird Averages THU Young Bird Series 2012

3rd Short Distance Single Bird Averages THU Young Bird Series 2012

3rdMiddle Distance Single Bird Averages THU Young Bird Series 2012

Ace Pigeon Averages


The 1stAce Pigeon is bred from an inbred R50 000 ANDRE COCK X his daughter CHER-AMI,mated to an inbred BAK 17 X MARSEILLE X HET FIJN BLAUW hen.

The 5th Ace Pigeon is bred from SPIRIT X CHER-AMI mated to the R80 000 Tom Lock Line


All Bird Averages

1st Overall All Bird Averages THU Young Bird Series 2012

2ndShort Distance All Bird Averages THU Young Bird Series 2012

2ndMiddle Distance All Bird Averages THU Young Bird Series 2012

2012 Russell vd Merwe wins Joburg combine car race in s Back to top
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Congratulations to our good friend Russell van der Merwe by winning the GPU and TRPF combine car race handsomely last weekend. This little Blue bar hen 20808/10 left the rest of the competition stranded as she raced to her destination. It was a tough race with the birds having to fly in a North easterly wind along the route. 2nd was Arnold Morey and 3rd Schmidt & Bouwer. Russell also won roughly about 112k the previous weekend in the GPU expensive ring race. Well done !!
2012 Only Bird Back on the Day Back to top
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Congratulations to Centurion based fancier Jaco Aucamp for having the only bird back on the day from Victoria West, the past Saturday (15 September 2012). Reg. no: BB Pied - ZA 2010 24855.

This is an absolute super achievent and doesn't happen very often. To achieve a win like this you must have a champion pigeon, and be a champion fancier.

"Wit Spook" (ZA 2007 11878) has won the Combine from Craddock in 2009. He is a full brother to the only bird back on the day (BB Pied - ZA 2010 24855)


Both these pigeons are grand children of 00/6941 - Super breeder son of the Blou Bul.


SAPSPU 7559 is a son of 6941-00, and prove on a sprint that he can fly away and win the union by 40meters.


The following results are proof of how devastating the offspring of the Blou Bul can be. These results were against the best competition possible.

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In the GRPA Young Bird Club race 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc. with the first 3 birds again De Rauw Sablon/BAK 17’s crossed with our own best strains.

-1st Club, 8th GRPA Combine Y/B Gariep 2             Pure inbred “FREDDY/DEN DROMER”

-2nd Club,9th GRPA Combine Y/B, Gariep 2            BAK 17 X Full sister to SANPO BRONZE MEDAL WINNER 2010 Middle Distance


-3rd Club, 24th GRPA Combine Y/B, Gariep 2          BAK 17 “GOLDEN CARELLI” X Sister to SANPO GOLD MEDAL WINNER 2010 M/Distance

2012 Dinokeng top performers Back to top
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Club competition 1 Club PTA North 2 Club Worcester 3 Club Florida Team competition 1 Pigeon friends 2 Poggenpoel & seuns 3 Mountain lofts Ace bird competition 1 Mountain lofts (Wilma P) 2 Marc,Andre & Johan (No regrets) 3 Nelspruit trio (Scarey black) worth mentioning is Mountain lofts with 3 in the top 10 ! Averages winner Chris Smith and Willie Steenkamp (Willie & Willie) 2,4,6 and also 7th team competition all with his Houben family crossed out.
2012 PWDC combine results Back to top
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Dean Jooste winning combine from Noupoort with a Rik Cools/Houben. This cock is now a double combine winner !Dean was also 2nd combine from Gariep dam. Ferdie Lubbe 1&2 combine from Noupoort which was a very hard race. Anton Jonck had an early bird from Springfontein 2 and won the combine comprehensively. Andre Carelsen also had a great run the last couple of weeks by winning Gariep 1 combine and 2nd in race 2 also 2 combine from Springfontein 1 and 3rd combine in second race. His double Matjiesfontein cock looking like the next superbreeder in the Carelsen loft. Lookout for a great racing son of this cock in our fixed price section. Du Preez & Deetlefs are also having an excellent season flying very well the whole season already. They are a close second in the current combine standings with Dean Jooste topping the union averages for the moment and Ferdie Lubbe in front in the federation. Congrats to all !
2012 Congratulations to Dinokeng Performers Back to top
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It has been an excellent race, well done to all the fanciers that performed.

Race Result of: MAIN RACE

Basketed Pigeons 616    
Releasepoint GARIEP DAM - Good luck to all our entrants!!!!  
Releasepoint 2012/08/26 07:45:00 AM  
Distance 623 km  
Arrived Pigeons 535    


Ranking Fancier Team Country Pigeon Arrival Time Speed Pigeon Name
1 FRED BROUGH -- ZA ZA0099 *** ZA TRPF 2011 09669 2012/08/26 15:18:51.20 1372.69 MANDY
2 PIGEON FRIENDS -- ZA ZA0508 *** ZA 2011 15625 2012/08/26 15:18:52.80 1372.61 DUITSE LEEU
3 CAMPUSWISE -- ZA ZA0412 / ZA 2011 21199 2012/08/26 15:18:55.70 1372.463 REINY
4 ENGELBRECHT LOFTS -- ZA ZA0552 *** ZA MASKAM 2011 D0701 2012/08/26 15:18:57.10 1372.393 A1 - DYNAMITE
5 ENGELBRECHT LOFTS -- ZA ZA0553 *** ZA MASKAM 2011 0239 2012/08/26 15:19:06.10 1371.939 A1 - ROUGH DIAMOND
6 KITCHENBRAND LOFTS -- ZA ZA0494 *** ZA TRPF 2011 20161 2012/08/26 15:19:18.30 1371.325 KITCH
7 ANDREW & GERT -- ZA ZA0529 / ZA 2011 12483 2012/08/26 15:19:36.40 1370.415 BUDDY
8 PIGEON FRIENDS -- ZA ZA0806 *** ZA 2012 20680 2012/08/26 15:19:55.70 1369.446 TIGER 2
9 EDDIE REYNDERS & PARTNERS -- ZA ZA0150 *** ZA 2011 20026 2012/08/26 15:20:20.20 1368.218 BLIKSEM 2
10 GERRIE NORTJE -- ZA ZA0037 *** ZA 2011 15383 2012/08/26 15:20:29.10 1367.773 FRANSIE
11 DESERT QUEEN RP -- ZA ZA0676 *** ZA NOVPF 2012 3351 2012/08/26 15:20:31.40 1367.658 VERA
12 NELSPRUIT TRIO -- ZA ZA0195 *** ZA MPF 2011 9473 2012/08/26 15:20:38.20 1367.318 SCAREY BLACK
13 BOETSAP CLAN -- ZA ZA0106 *** ZA EC/DIAS 2011 508 2012/08/26 15:22:08.40 1362.821 FAIR LADY
14 PIET STEENKAMP -- ZA ZA0033 *** ZA 2011 64490 2012/08/26 15:22:10.10 1362.737 ZUBIRI
15 DESERT QUEEN RP -- ZA ZA0673 *** ZA NOVPF 2012 3352 2012/08/26 15:22:10.20 1362.732 JONGE MAX
16 PIGEON FRIENDS -- ZA ZA0911 *** ZA GRPA 2012 00635 2012/08/26 15:22:11.10 1362.687 SUNNY GIRL
17 MATHEE & DE LA REY -- ZA ZA0282 *** ZA 2011 D2245 2012/08/26 15:22:11.80 1362.652 SUPER GIRL
18 CACHALIA BROS. -- ZA ZA0478 *** ZA YSC/LIM 2011 3383 2012/08/26 15:22:12.20 1362.632 BETRAYAL
19 LOSKOP WEDVLUG DUIWE -- ZA ZA0682 *** ZA YSC/LIM 2011 D0213 2012/08/26 15:22:13.00 1362.592 ONE TIME
20 SPALDINGS LOFTS -- ZA ZA0243 *** ZA NOVPF/DP 2011 1845 2012/08/26 15:22:14.30 1362.528 SL CONTADOR
21 POGGENPOEL & SEUNS -- ZA ZA0030 *** ZA NOK/COLESBERG 2011 0687 2012/08/26 15:22:14.50 1362.518 POG AFRICAN SUNSHINE
22 GERT & DANIE -- ZA ZA0091 *** ZA 2011 34309 2012/08/26 15:22:14.70 1362.508 G ROCKET
23 SAVILLE PENKIN -- ZA ZA0905 *** ZA 2012 39768 2012/08/26 15:22:14.70 1362.508 BLUE CHARM
24 BULLCAT SYNDICATE -- ZA ZA0112 *** ZA BORDER 2011 09510 2012/08/26 15:22:17.30 1362.379 TAW
25 CYCLING LOFTS -- ZA ZA0148 *** ZA GPU 2011 15886 2012/08/26 15:22:17.90 1362.349 INDURAIN
26 STORMERS SYNDICATE -- ZA ZA0128 *** ZA NRHU/P 2011 00316 2012/08/26 15:22:18.20 1362.334 HELENA
27 JOHNSON -- ZA ZA0931 / ZA 2011 11130 2012/08/26 15:22:20.90 1362.2 LUCKY J
28 FRYLINCK FAMILY -- ZA ZA0634 / ZA MSHS 2012 D0826 2012/08/26 15:22:22.40 1362.126 RONALD
29 MARC, ANDRE & JACO -- ZA ZA0331 *** ZA 2011 00221 2012/08/26 15:22:24.00 1362.046 NO REGRETS
30 PIGEON FRIENDS -- ZA ZA0120 *** ZA 2011 20717 2012/08/26 15:22:27.70 1361.863 SKY WALKER


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Out of Africa Lofts wins the following in the THU.
1st All Bird Averages THU YOUNG BIRD Series 2012
2nd Single Bird Averages THU YOUNG BIRD Series 2012
2012 Congratulations to N. Terblanche for winning the F Back to top
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The first son sold of Out of Africa Lofts Direct Son BAK 17, BELG 4114899/09 breeds his first winner for a client, N. Terblanche. It is almost identically bred as our top breeder of 5 wins, two 2 x Winners, GOLDEN CARELLI. It is a son of BAK 17 mated to a daughter to SUPERBREEDER 970!

The first son sold of Out of Africa Loft’s  Direct Son BAK 17, BELG 4114899/09 breeds his first winner for a client, N. Terblanche.

It is almost identically bred as our top breeder of 5 wins, two 2 x Winners, “GOLDEN CARELLI”. It is a son of BAK 17 mated to a daughter to SUPERBREEDER 970!

He mated this cock to an inbred R80 000/R100 000 T. Lock hen also purchased from our stud.

Her dam is also the granddam to P. Coetzee’s 2012 THU Car Winner last week!


ZA SVPV 0417/11

1st Club,1st Federation SVPV, Uniondale Y/B, 535km, vel 1094

2012 Sablon/M. Aelbrecht -BAK 17/Marseille x Het Fijn B Back to top
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Another great weekend of racing on the Middle Distance.

The imported De Rauw Sablon/M. Aelbrecht line, especially the BAK 17 & Marseille x Het Fijn Blauw Couple progeny when mated to our own R80 000/R100 000 T. Lock Super Pairs progeny are proving to become one of, if not our very best strain in the loft for the Middle-Long Distance, as they have already proven to be in Belgium.

Sablon/M. Aelbrecht -BAK 17/Marseille x Het Fijn Blauw Couples X R80 000 Wins THU O/B Union for Out of Africa Lofts, 4th THU Y/Birds

Another great weekend of racing on the Middle Distance.

The imported De Rauw Sablon/M. Aelbrecht line, especially the BAK 17 & Marseille x Het Fijn Blauw Couple progeny when mated to our own R80 000/R100 000 T. Lock Super Pairs progeny are proving to become one of, if not our very best strain in the loft for the Middle-Long Distance, as they have already proven to be in Belgium.

This line is crossing fantastically with our own R80 000/R100 000 Tom Lock line as well as the R50 000 Andre Cock line.

Statistically the 8 positions flown in the top 45 on Union level in the old and young bird series are as follows:

The domination of the 2 Families becomes apparent:

1st Club, 1st THU O/B        Sablon/M. Aelbrecht/Brother Vader BAK 17 Cock X Daughter R80 000 Super Pair /T. Lock       Now a 2 x WINNER

1st Club, 4th THU Y/B        R50 000 ANDRE Sierens/CHER-AMI X BAK 17/Marseille x Het Fijn Blauw                                    Now a 2 x WINNER & 2nd thu car Race Winner

2nd Club, 24th THU O/B    Inbred LIMOGES De Rauw Sablon/BAK 17 !!!!                                                                                   Now a 2 x WINNER


6th Club,36th THU Y/B       Inbred R80 000/R100 000 T. Lock X Inbred  Marseille x Het Fijn Blauw                                        Winner

8th Club,42nd THU Y/B      Inbred R80 000/R100 000 T. Lock X Inbred Kanibaal                                                                         Yearling Nat Club WINNER previous week

9th Club,44th THU Y/B       Son of R80 000 Super Pair T. Lock X Inbred STERKE/SMALLEN De Rauw Sablon

4th Club, 45th THU O/B     Inbred R80 000/R100 000 T. Lock X Inbred  Marseille x Het Fijn Blauw



HANOVER 1                       CLUB     -1st,2nd,4th,10th,19th 21st

                                             UNION  -1st, 24th, 45th




HANOVER 1                       CLUB     -1st,5th,6th,8th,9th

                                             UNION  -4th,28th,36th,42nd,44th,etc.

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The past weekend Out of Africa Lofts had great successs once again with their newly acquired M. Aelbrecht x R80 000/Sierens Collection.


The past weekend Out of Africa Lofts had great successs once again with their newly acquired M. Aelbrecht x R80 000/Sierens Collection.

All 4 Club races as well as all 4 pontoons/LN were won.



1st Union Old Bird Series Bak 17 x R80 000


4th Union Young bird Series R50 000 ANDRE COCK INBRED X BAK 17/MARSEILLE Het Fijn BLAUW inbred.


2nd Combine. This pigeon was gifted to us by D. Van Niekerk. Sierens/Rijkaerd/Oscar lines. A fantastic racer.


2nd GRPA Combine

Grandson BAK 17, “GOLDEN CARELLI” X Daughter R80 000 Super pair.

2012 South African Prestige Invitational Race - Grand A Back to top
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The pigeon ANDRE2 was 2nd in the first Hotspot and is currently leading the Averages. (Attached a diagram of the results) The pigeon is bred out of the Sierens and Vercammen blood lines. The father is an imported Jos Vercammen (Belg 6221466/07 Brother Porto, Mambo etc) cock and the mother a Sierens hen (ZA 13876/06 - a daughter of the super breeder 50151/96).
Andre Carelsen
K van Wyngaard
R Louw
THYS 2 *
T Steenkamp
Bart Diedericks
K van Wyngaard
R Gaddin
K van Wyngaard
Willie & Willie
Botha & Moll
W Munnik
AT 1 *
AT Stander
Johan en Mariaan Kru
P Schmidt
Chris Baker